Willie Revillame & Shalani Soledad Relationship

Willie Revillame & Shalani Relationship Confirmed - ShaWillie

willie shalani relationship

Willie and Shalani - Mag-On Na !

The public knew what Willie Revillame said to Shalani Soledad on her first day on Willing Willie, that Shalani should avoid falling in love to Willie.

As days and months passed by, Shalani being known as the super hinhin girl quickly became a more confident person on the show giving back hiritan / harutan biro to Willie. As Willie continue injecting himself to Shalani asking "Shalani, kung liligawan kita, sasagutin mo ba ako?" - suddenly Shalani answered for the first time "Bakit, ready ka na ba sa isa lang?". This made everyone laugh - lol as the said.

But not now, Willie Revillame and Shalani Soledad is now officially on! Yes you heard it right, they are officially engaged with each other.

What can we say, I saw this from the start, knowing how simpatiko Willie is.

Note: I love Willie and Shalani's love team, and I am hoping that this will become true in the future. This is a dream post that I want to become reality.

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