Aga Mulach To Transfer At TV5 - Channel 5

Is Aga Mulach Transferring To TV5 Channel 5 ?

aga mulach transfer tv5 channel 5

Channel 5 - TV5 to get Aga Mulach

There has been a noisy buzz on the showbiz world telling that one of hottest male celebrity, Aga Mulach, is transferring to channel 5 - TV5.

First, it is not confirmed whether the term "transfer" is the right word to use because we are not sure whether Aga is currently under any exclusive contract to any network station. Since (we believe) you can only transfer if you have an ended contract, right? (or correct us if we're wrong).

Anyway, Aga Mulach is reported to be one of tv5 personality - will being the new kapatids among with Rufa Gutierrez, Willie Revillame - to mention a few.

The rumors that Aga is really going to be a main stay on TV5 is because Willie Revillame is always mentioning Aga Mulach on his Willing Willie show. Though not directly saying the words literally, but Willie is somehow saying that Aga will become TV5's kapatid. Willie is doing this indirect announcements many times on the show.

Aga Mulach isn't that active on the showbiz world today, so it will be great if we can see a Philippines asset again on the television screen, whatever the station will be.

We hope to see you soon Aga!


  1. well, that will be great.
    ayos po, gumaganda talagang bigla ang channel 5 ano po?
    dati nabigla ako ke ruffa, pero ngayon, sige lipat na kayo.
    para hindi lang si kuya willie ang pinapanood namin.

  2. when will we be able to watch wiling willie or tv5 station here in the U S . hope soon. the only reason why i subscribe to tfc is because of wowowie at the time ( and i know this holds true to some of the readers) or audience of tv5 and wiling willie. kind of sad that we have to watch it online when we can probably watch it on tv if the management will do something about it.....thanks..