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I was emailed by someone asking if I have a cracked serial numbers for windows xp professional. Being IT myself, maybe he thought that I have on myself. But the thing is, he's an IT too, that made me realize that he should've have search the net too aside from asking me.

Though I saw someone who had succesfully cracked windows using -BLIIIIIP- (removed), he had activated and made updates, same goes with the microsoft office. But I wouldn't teach how to do this on any version of windows operating systems or any windows's product, simply because it's illegal.

Yeah, I know that you know that it is illegal to crack any software, don't you? But you still want to do it inspite of the risk right? Then finish reasing this article.

So, going back, it made me wonder on how many individuals are searching the net to look for these kind of things. So I went to google's interface on how many people are searching these keywords. And I discovered that there are also related search terms for these searches, some of notable are:

1.) Windows Serial Numbers
2.) Change XP Serial
3.) Key Serial XP
4.) Windows XP SP2 Product Key
5.) Windows XP Free Product Key
6.) XP Serial Changer

Here's the screenshot of these search terms with the actual searches made on all countries, dated today, June 30, 2010.

windows xp free serial key crack

Please take note that I just selected the most notable related search terms that searchers are using in pursuit to have a free serial for windows operating systems. And it totalled to 110,500 searches, and this figure are recorded on google search engine alone. Yahoo's, bing's, ask's (and etc.) total searches are not yet included.

So, why did I made this post if I wouldn't gonna give you a free serial key for windows xp and windows home?

Here is my purpose: I just want to warn everyone that searching things like these on the internet mostly do harm than good. Unless you are a certified googlers who can differentiate harmful sites and downloadable links from useful ones, then you shouldn't try downloading anything from results page from searches like these. Viruses usually came from websites and downloadable items associated with these keyword terms.

Here's a video example that tries to lure non technical surfers. Be warn with this tutorials because they only intend to put malwares, spywares, worms and all kinds of viruses on your computer.

Vedio Song | Vedeo Song | Vidio Song Download

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watch six vedio

Vedio Song, vedeo song, vidio song collections are some of the targeted keyword by bloggers. Most of whom I knew doing this are my fellow local bloggers who had decided to bother throwing few words to compose an article in order to target this keywords.

Why you'd ask? They said that picture speaks a thousands words, but in these case it is 104,800 in current count. Here's my speaker:

vedeo song download

Isn't that figure enough to target this keyword. Of course you can't harvest them all. The odds the searchers will click you page and the current competition are some few backdrop factors. But what I can think of is that I might get some few chunks of this huge traffic. With that reason, who wouldn't want to join the game? It wouldn't hurt me right?

But if you think that's all, as I have said earlier, the figure you're looking above is the current traffic these hitload keyword is giving. Let us take a look to the google trends to see what in store for bloggers like me. And here is my second spokes person:

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Where are these traffic came from? That's actually the best part here. Like every website and blogger's owners, we love visitors coming from abroad, simply because it credit more on our statistics. And targetting these keywords is just right for me, because the visitors who are using these keywords are mostly coming from arabic countries. Here's a detailed report from google trend:

Now, wasn't that great? Competition is healthy, join us for the campaign!

Fri Six Vedio , Six Vedio, Six Vedeo Download

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watch six vedio

Six vedio , six vedeo, six vidio, fri six vedios and six vedio collicteons are some of the targeted keyword by bloggers. Most of whom I knew doing this are my fellow local bloggers who had decided to bother throwing few words to compose an article in order to target this keywords.

Why you'd ask? They said that picture speaks a thousands words, but in these case it is 104,800 in current count. Here's my speaker:
six vedeo six
Isn't that figure enough to target this keyword. Of course you can't harvest them all. The odds the searchers will click you page and the current competition are some few backdrop factors. But what I can think of is that I might get some few chunks of this huge traffic. With that reason, who wouldn't want to join the game? It wouldn't hurt me right?

But if you think that's all, as I have said earlier, the figure you're looking above is the current traffic these hitload keyword is giving. Let us take a look to the google trends to see what in store for bloggers like me. And here is my second spokes person:

six vedio six

Where are these traffic came from? That's actually the best part here. Like every website and blogger's owners, we love visitors coming from abroad, simply because it credit more on our statistics. And targetting these keywords is just right for me, because the visitors who are using these keywords are mostly coming from arabic countries. Here's a detailed report from google trend:

six vidio six
Now, wasn't that great? Competition is healthy, join us for the campaign!


Expo-Max - Professional Looking Web Traffic Analytics For Free

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Expo-Max review

expo-max review
This thing just blew me away! I've been using Google Analytics for quite some time now, but the updating wasn't that realistic. On Google Analytics, when someone visited you, it will reflect on the next day. Meaning what you are seeing right now is your traffic yesterday.

Also, on google analytics, when I tried a search term, it's not reliable that it will show that someone landed on that page using that search term.

So, I got tired using google anlytics and started looking for other alternatives.

Luckily, I found Now I can see my live traffic figure in real time. Real time, meaning that If I visited my blog's page, and if I'll refresh my dashboard account on expo-max, it will show that someone visited on that page right away. You can create a new slash no-traffic blog on to confirm this.

Real time updating and most of all, it's absolutely free!
There's an optional paid upgrade for a more professional interface, but it's totaly optional.

Click here to visit website.

Blog Traffic | Adsense & Infolinks Earnings

First, this will be a very short post since I just want to share that I'm very happy with my blog, this blog.

I already have this blog for more than two years but my traffic is too far from being impressive. I'm also with adsense and infolinks ads, but never had any significant amount so far for the past two years.

But today is different, let me first show my traffic statistic:
web traffic
Even if I blurred the figures, you can still see that the numbers are not that much. But if you'll look at the graph, it shows that I am doing something right.

Also, here's my adsense earning for today:
adsense earnings
Not much in compare to the regular blogger, but to tell you honestly, this is so far the biggest earning per day that I've received.

Furthermore, not much weight, but here's my alltime infolinks earnings so far:

infolinks earnings

Again, no figures here are impressive, but as I have said earlier, I must have been doing something right for my stats to climb up like this.

As far as my blogging habit is concern, I'm good, and I'm planning to catch up with my fellow bloggers whom I personally knew.

Blogsphere, here I come!

Facbook .com = = Facebookcom

When surfers misspell facebook to facbook

I have noticed that facbook keyword has been targeted by so many bloggers nowadays. As had been a common knowledge about SEO, misspelled words arethe most optimized keyword. And since almost all (if not all) internet users uses facebook, chance is, they will type facbook instead of facebook.

Facebook is so popular that according to the statistics of, facebook receives about 132 million unique (and that’s unique) visitors per month, and that’s from United States alone. See their official statistc here. Also, internet users stay on facebook longer than any other existing websites on the net. That’s the main reason why I decided to join this SEO campaign.

Here’s Google’s google trend and search statistics for the facbook keyword.

facbook faceboook

Imagining that facebook’s traffic, getting at least a little chunk of that visitor’s figure is so promising. And I personally believe that posts like this who targets facbook keyword isn’t doing anything bad at all. Sure we are riding with the real facebook website. But all we want to say is that facbook keyword is a misspelling of facebook.

Commercial Break: Here's a youtube video to show that even on youtube, facebook was misspellt to facbook.

So if you happen to come to this post because of using facbook, it is really facebook and not facbook. You had misspelled it, that’s all what this post is all about.

And since I am playing around with this keyword, let me go further on how users misspell facebook to facbook.

Why are you here right now? Here are the possibilities:

1.) They type facbook because they honestly didn’t know facebook that much. It is their first time in facebook. They heard about it and just decided to create their own account. Being non familiar, they type facbook, and boom, they’re here.

2.) Too smart people type too fast, so they missed up the letter “e” between letter “c” and letter “b”, and so this post came up.

3.) They have a broken key on the keyboard. Their letter “E” key just got used up too much, and just doesn’t respond, thanks for that keyboard you’re here.

4.) Because they are using computer running in windows. Sure windows 7 got praises even from critics, but one thing smart Bill can’t unbug is that when the user type in the “E” key on the keyboard, windows mostly doesn’t respond. Well, Bill sent you here, not me.

5.) My competitors for this keyword are not doing it right. They created a post for the keyword, wrote some few words, and just hit publish. They expect traffic for their half done article, expecting too much. Well, blame me this time.

6.) You thought this was it. You type facbook, and click on my competitors’ post, they’re on my top because they targeted this keyword long time before me. You we’re disappointed with their site, so you keep looking and searching, so you came here. Well, just hoping you’re not disappointed. I told you it’s facebook and not facbook earlier right? No one’s to blame.

7.) You are here because you are a regular person. Don’t worry, people make mistakes, that’s all.

Well, if google’s algorithm includes length of post, mine should have some weight on it.

Joining the facbook campaign, here I come.

And publish!

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blogger plugins

1. Related Post Widget With Thumbnails
One of the most useful plugins for blogspot blogspot blogs. I am using this plugin for this blog, for more details, click here.

2. Google Buzz Share Count Button
Google Buzz users had been increasing these days, this plugin will show counter for the Buzz share button.

3. Top Commentators
Whether your blog has a lots of comments or even if you’re just still starting on blogging with few comments, this plugin is for you. Option for blogs with a many and few comments are available. Lure your visitors on commenting on your blog with this plugin.

4. Recent Post With Thumbnails< Just like “Related Post Widget Plugin With Thumbnails”, only that the items are your related posts. The items will be arranged vertically along with some details like posting date and number of comments for each posts.

5. Featured Content Slider created a featured content slider for A very neat way in showing your featured posts

6. Sociofluid – Social Bookmarking
A very useful widget to add social bookmarking animated icons for your blogspot blog.

7. Accordin
If you want your sidebar’s widgets to be in an accordion style, then this widget is for you. This will show or hide your blogspot blog’s sidebar widget.

8. Link To This Post
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9. Random Rotating Banner
Wordpress has this, good news is, blogs made from can use this cool feature too. Very useful for your ads on your banner, just made your blog a better money maker.

10. Simple Blogger Tag Cloud – From the word itself, this plugin will show tag cloud for your blogspot blogs.

So that’s it! Use this widgets for free. Just remember that widgets are useful when not overdone, because too many widgets can slow down your blog, and it will hurt you in SEO side, especially on google’s eyes, so watch out.

Googel = Googol = Googlr = Googlw =  | website address

Googel is a miss spelling of the popular search engine Looking at the whois information about googel, it’s so obvious that is registered by because it redirects you to the official google website, just like the keyword and,,, (no typo there), etc.

What’s In Store For Us?

As a blogger, targeting this googel keyword can give you huge traffic volume if you manage to get to the top search engine result page and beat the other 627,000 sites, as of today (May 10, 2010).
Just in case you can get on top of the game, these snapshots will give you a preview on what you can get.

googel googlr

Google Trends further shows the potentianl of this keword in SEO eyes.
Googel Earth keyword also have an almost the same numbers of searchers, but the three major search engines, namely: google, yahoo anf bing shows only the results for "googel earth" keyword, and surfers still need click the "Show Only Googel Earth Search Result" link for your post to have a chance in getting to the search engine result page (SERP). Not to mention your post's ranking.

Google: Showing results for google earth. Search instead for googel earth
Yahoo: We have included google earth results - Show only googel earth
Bing: We're including results for google earth. Do you want results only for googel earth?

So getting traffic from this keywords doesn't really looks like will become effective.

Anyway, getting back, many bloggers had already targeted these googel keywords to gain traffic and I don't see anything wrong with this. The goal is actually not just to hijack keyword for traffic, but to inform surfers that they had used the wrong keyword, and we are telling them the correct keyword to use.

So if you happened to come to this post using this misspelled keywords, it's actually and not anything else. Watch out because there's a lot of spam sites that could send you a virus.

Search Result For Derek Ramsay And Angelica Panganiban Six Video Scandal


Free Pinay Celebrity Six Scandal

3,105 Photos | 53 Videos | 7,926 Views | 5,831 downloads
Free download, no sign-up needed, high priority streaming ... [ read more ]

Pinay Scandal Traffic Observation

... The mystery added, are these searchers really this desperate that they went as far as the eight result page just to look for the pinay scandal related searches? If I’m on the eight pages and I’m having significant (enough to be notice) traffic, then how much more this bloggers who are topping the campaign ... [ read more ]

How To Withdraw Paypal Funds Via Banco De Oro

Can I withdraw paypal funds on Banco Deo Oro bank accounts ?

withdraw funds from paypal to banco de oro bdo

I noticed that the number of searchers on the internet are looking for ways on how to withdraw their paypal funds via banco de oro. Here are the search terms they are using:

1.) How to withdraw funds via Banco De Oro BDO?
2.) Can I withdraw funds from paypal using my Banco De Oro bank accounts?
3.) True story on withdrawing paypal funds using Banco De Oro BDO
4.) Does paypal verified Banco De Oro to accept funds ?

So, if these are your questions, good news! Paypal funds can be withdraw via Banco De Oro accounts. There's a transaction fee for withdrawal transactions below Php.7,000.

Here's some persons who had actually withdraw on Banco De Oro of their paypal funds:

Jovit Baldivino's Performance At Showtime

Watch Jovit Baldivino as he sings at abs-cbn showtime - video

jovit baldivino showtime video performance
Jovit Baldivino sings the song he sang on Pilipinas Got Talent (PGT) all at one performance. 'Faithfully', 'Carrie' and 'Too Much Love Can Kill You' are the songs Jovit used to claim the Pilipinas Got Talent ultimate crown.

Here's the actual Jovit Baldivino's performace earlier as he was guest on Showtime.

Learn How To Create "Donate" Button On Paypal

Tutorial in creating 'Donate' button for your website and blog.

Here's how to create a 'Donate' button on paypal:
Step 1.) Login to your paypal account
Step 2.) On the 'Merchant Services' tab, click on the 'Buy Now Buttons' link, as shown in the image below.
how to create donate button on paypal

Step 3.) On the next window, select the kind of buttons you want to use, enter additional details for your 'Donate' button. Click the 'Save Changes' button when done.

create donate button on paypal tutorial free

Step 4.) On the next window, click on Select Code button to copy your 'Donate' html code
Step 5.) Paste your donate code on your website or blog
Step 6.) Done!

Here's a sample 'Donate' button generated from paypal, if you benefited from this post, please consider giving donation. Since it's a donation, amount cannot be greater than 1 USD, thank you very much in advance.

What Does Kikin Toolbar Do ?

Kikin is a toolbar available for firefox and internet explorer used to map or to show search results from major web portals like google, facebook, twitter, youtube, wikipedia, etc.

This is usually used by technical persons like webmaster which reduces the effort of browsing on each individual sites for the search keyword used.

Here's a kikin toolbar in action as I searched the keyword 'Michael Jackson' on google.
what is kikin toolbar

Watch Jovit Baldivino's Performance On Pilipinas Got Talent Grand Finals

Jovit Baldivino sings 'Too Much Love Will Kill You' at araneta coliseum on Pilipinas Got Talent (PGT).

Pilipinas Got Talent Jovit Baldivino Grand Finals Winner

Just another rags to riches story as Jovit Baldivino won the hottest talent contest on Philippines television, the Pilipinas Got Talent grand finals. Jovit just stole the 2 million grand prize as he sings 'too much love will kill you'.

The 16 years old young boy's charisma had rock araneta and the Filipino's heart all over the globe. 'No surprise', most pinoy's response as Jovit announced as the winner. Long before the contest, Jovit Baldivino was mostly mentioned by his competitors as the hardest 'to-beat' contestants. Undeniably, Jovit had quickly became an internet sensation as his youtube video reached to 4 millions and his official facebook fans to over 100 thousands.

Here's the official text votes tally for the PGT Grand Finals:
Jovit Baldivino – 48.81%
The Velasco Brothers – 15.39%
Baguio Metamorphosis – 7.27%
Ingrid Payaket – 5.87%
Ezra band – 5.46%
Ruther Urquia – 4.45%
Alakim – 2.94%
Keith Clark Delleva – 2.32%
Sherwin Baguion – 2.15%
Luntayao Family Singers – 2.07%
Jeline Oliva – 2.07%
Markki Stroem – 1.20%

Here's Jovit's performace on Pilipinas Got Talent grand finale:

Jovit Baldivino - Pilipinas Got Talent Grand Finals Winner

Pilipinas Got Talent Jovit Baldivino Grand Finals Winner
Yes, you heard it right. Pilipinas Got Talent's grand winner is non other than Jovit Baldivino.

Just like most of Filipino expected, the young-humble boy from Batangas took the top place on the hottest and the most popular talent contest on Philippine television.

Jovit Baldivino was highly praised by the thre judges, Kris, Ai Ai Delas Alas and FMG, and of course the with all the silent tleviewers watching at home.

Click here to watch Jovit Baldivino's actual performance on the grand finals:

Jovit Baldivino Sings Too Much Love Will Kill You

cabinet members list president noynoy aquino

List Of Cabinet Members Of President Benigno Noynoy Aquino III

Appointed cabinet members list of President Noynoy Aquino

President Benigno Noynoy Aquino III 's cabinet members wasn't finalized yet as of this post.

Meanwile, President elect Noynoy Aquino mentioned some names like Corazon 'Dinky' Soliman - former Social Welfare Secretary, Teresita 'Ging' Deles - former presidential adviser on the peace process and Boy Abunda - television host, which refuse for the offer because of existing bind contract from abs-cbn tv network.

President Noynoy Aquino is expected to announce his complete cabinet member list after assuming office on June 30, 2010.

Please copy and save this link so you can get back here easily when we update this post:


Here are the official cabinet member list:

Executive Secretary – Paquito “Jojo” Ochoa Jr.
Department of Foreign Affairs – Alberto Romulo
Department of Agriculture – Proceso Alcala
Department of Budget and Management – Florencio “Butch” Abad
Department of Education – Rev. Armin Luistro
Department of Energy – Jose Rene D. Almendras
Department of Environment and Natural Resources – Ramon Paje
Department of Finance – Cesar Purisima
Department of Health – Dr. Enrique Ona
Department of Interior and Local Government – pending (Pres. Noynoy at the moment)
Department of Justice – Leila de Lima
Department of Labor and Employment – Rosalinda Baldoz
Department of Agrarian Reform – Virgilio de los Reyes
Department of National Defense – Voltaire Gazmin
National Economic and Development Authority Director General – Cayetano Paderanga Jr.
Department of Public Works and Highways – Rogelio Singson
Department of Science and Technology – Mario Montejo
Department of Social Welfare and Development – Corazon Soliman
Department of Tourism – Alberto Lim
Department of Trade and Industry – Gregory Domingo
Department of Transportation and Communication – Jose “Ping” de Jesus
Commissioner of the Bureau of Internal Revenue – Kim Jacinto-Henares
Chairman of Commission on Higher Education – Patricia Liguanan
Presidential Legal Counsel – Eduardo de Mesa
Presidential Spokesman – Edwin Lacierda
Presidential Management Staff Chief – Julia Abad
Presidential Adviser on Peace Process – Teresita Deles

Please email me for any correction you may see.

POEA Accredited Recruitment Agencies List - Philippines

How to verify recruitment agencies if it's POEA accredited

Work abroad with valid recruitment agencies

POEA accredited recruitment agencies
Working abroad is a very critical process for everyone. So making sure that these recruitment agencies are accredited by POEA is a must, especially nowadays where bogus agencies are trying to lure victims.

You can verify if an agency you are trying to apply with is a POEA accredited business at Just type in the agenciy's name and press enter.

If an agency is accredited by POEA, a result will be displayed.

Agency's business name along with its address, contact numbers, contact email, website, official representative (contact person), POEA standing (e.g. Good standing) and license expiration should be displayed.

This is the only reliable way of finding an accredited agency, it came from POEA themselves and the list is always updated.

Benigno 'Noynoy' Aquino III Inauguration Video

Inauguration speech of president Noynoy Aquino - Philippines


As of today, Noynoy Aquino has not yet inaugurated yet, though commission on election (comelec) had proclaimed him as the next Philippines president.

The where and the attendees are still kept undisclosed as of this time.

We will update this post right after president elect Noynoy Aquino III had his inauguration ceremony. So please get back on this page for more updates.

For the meantime, visitors are getting to this post using these search terms:

1.) Benigno 'Noynoy' Aquino III inauguration
2.) President Noynoy inauguration
3.) Noynoy inaguration 2010

Please copy and save this link so you can get surely get back for the update:

Here's the actual inauguration speech of President Noynoy Aquino III.

Free Download Facebook Farmville Theme Song

Download facebook farmville game mp3 sounds effect for free

Facebook's farmville games is so popular that it's theme song has been sought for other presentations.

Visitors of this post are here because they are looking for:
1.) Facebook farmville theme song download
2.) FB farmville sounds effect download
3.) Farmville sounds effect mp3 download
4.) Download farmville sounds effect for free
5.) Download FB farmville theme song free

So if you are looking for on how and where you can download free mp3 of facebook farmville theme song sounds effect then click the link below.

Backup Your Blogspost Blog - Tutorial

Wordpress is so flexible that you can create backups with so many ways with its built-in feature and with an almost unlimited plugins freely available.

However, if you're using's blogspot blog, you don't have these plugins that enable you to create backup.

Do not worry, knew that you need it and just gives us the way on how to backup every articles, and that includes texts and images.

Just go to Settings > Email & Mobile and enter your email address on the BlogSend field under Email Notifications.

how to back up blogspost blog tutorial

What will happen here is that the email address/es will receive a copy of your every posts. A very clean way to have a backup. The only thing you should do is to create a filter where all backup posts on your inbox should proceed to a specific folder.

Just one important thing to note though. The post that will be email to your inbox is what you have composed before clicking the Publish button. So all editing will not be included on the backup email.

This blog is hosted by that has a backup for every posts. Whatever happens, my articles are safe. Well, unless all google's services got messed up, because I'm sending my backup on my gmail account :)

Maybe I should include my yahoo and hotmail email addresses, yeah I'll do it after publishing this.

Chooks To Go Review And Testimonial

How it taste like without a sauce

I knew I had blog about 'Chooks To Go - Franchise Philippines', but this post will be more focus on the chicken and not on how to franchise the business.

Chooks To Go
here on our city is priced at 169 pesos for whole chicken and 88 pesos for half which they call quarter wings.

First, I want to talk about the size. Contrary to the currently leading roasted chicken which is a lot more expensive. Chooks To Go's roasted chicken's low price literary talks about its chicken size, because it's obviously smaller than Andok's Litson Manok.

My office mate who had it first told me that you can really eat the whole chicken yourself. First he's fat, second is maybe because it's really that delicious. Only later after buying it I realized the third reason on how he did said that he can eat the whole chicken by himself, and that is because the chicken is small.

Taste: "Masarap Kahit Walang Sauce" the popular line of Chooks To Go is really true. They wouldn't gonna give you sauce because you don't need it (you can ask for their prepared vinegar though). The chicken is really very tasty indeed.

Store Appearance: Chooks To Go store here on our city is a little undress. The store doesn't have the regular price board like Andok's, Jollibbee, McDonalds and other fast food outlets. The store is nothing but a plain green wall all throughout except with their lighted signboard. The outlet is a little dead, but I haven't seen the stores on other branches, that's for our only one store here on our city that is.

To summarize everything, Bounty Fresh did their chicken right. A very unique approach for an old roasted chicken business. Catchy line, good publicity and most of all, they live their talk, delicious indeed, 9 out of 10 !

Did you already had Bountry Fresh's Chooks To Go chicken? Please share us your testimonial at the comment below.

Nokia N70 Review - Price And Specifications

nokia n70 review specifications price

As of this writing, nokia N70 has been obsolete, meaning that nokia doesn't produce this model. So what am I bothering reviewing such an obsolete model?

First, I'm sure that you came to this post because you are looking for:
1.) Nokia phone N70 review
2.) Nokia N70 specifications
3.) Nokia N70 specifications and price
4.) Nokia guide - how to use review

So if you are looking for nokia N70 review today, you must have been planning to buy a second hand nokia N70 phone. If so, then reading reviews about this product is much more important than the time when nokia first produce this model.

So, here's my review of my nokia N70 phone.

First, I won't bothering mentioning its sizes, screen resolutions and any technical matters. Rather, I want this review be base on my personal experience using this product.

I bought my nokia N70 for the price of 9,000 Philippines pesos, that's around USD 190. That's for a brand new, secon hand price should be way lot lower than this.

When I'm planning to buy it, I read reviews and I saw on some forums that a user complains on how slow it boot when starting. Just in case your came across that same thread, let me tell you, it's not true. Of course, just like other phones, you need to wait when starting, not a big deal.

I'm a man and I don't bring shoulder bag so it's a little bulky on the pocket.

It's a little heavy, women shouldn't use this phone.

As far as I know, this come with two colors, silver and black. I'm choose black.

Some hate this, but I find it very stylish and practical. Nice to have something that will cover your camera lens.

Don't expect firmware upgrades since it's been years that a new firmware version came up. They don't support it anymore I think. Hey, it's obsolete remember?

Games and Applications are available on the net for free. Feel free to download these games and apps for your phone.

The main notable difference is that you can use a bluetooth headset on the music edition, the regular one needs to have a cable hanging from the phone to your ears.

To summarize it all, my score is 8/10. If you think it's working nice, buy it!

Win Apple iPad -'s PITCH YOUR IDEA Contest

Free to join and win 64GB iPad or 16GB iPod touch

win ipad contest philippines review

Imagine being the first at work or in class to show off your new Apple iPad 64GB!
Imagine no more.
win apple ipad ipod touch contest
Isn't that enticing? This is the first line on an email promotion from had launch a contest which started 2nd day of this month. Participants can win one of the five 64Gb iPad or the three 16Gb iPod touch.

The only thing you need to do is to answer these two very simple and practical questions:

1.) can help jobseekers by developing a product/ service that...
2.) How will jobseekers benefit from this feature?

Basically, contestants should think of ideas on how can help the jobseekers to find their dream jobs by suggesting ways on how can reach job hunters more effectively.

Ideas should be new and superb. Contest started last June 2 up to August 15, 2010. Winners will be announced on September 1, 2010.

There are many guidelines for the contest, but here are the most important to know.
1.) Contestants can send as many ideas as he can, though participants can only win once. - I think this means that if you have two useable ideas, you can just get one iPad or iPod touch.

2.) Contestants should provide valid credentials (Name, phone numbers, etc.) in order to claim the price - Very important, meaning you shouldn't change cell numbers on the whole period of the contest, especially on announcement date. And yeah, no changing names too.

3.) Answers to the two questions should only contain no greater that 50 words each.

4.) Five apple iPad 64GB and three apple iPod touch are the prizes. Prizes are not convertible to cash. Winners should claim the prize personally on offices, prize shipping is not possible. Prizes should be claimed after thirty days from notification. Items are given without warranty. - Yeah, you shouldn't think about this too much for now.

I suggest sending them your ideas now, because just in case the same idea was sent by two different persons, I believe that the earlier sender will get the prize.

So what are you waiting for? Hurry and start thinking, who knows, you might have send them a couple of ideas before the contest ends.

Click here to join the contest!

Ways To Create Effective Backlinks

Create quality backlinks for free!

how to create quality backlink
There are many factors needed to consider in doing SEO. And getting quality backlinks is one of the major things that a web or blog owner needs to have. Backlinks improve your blog's integrity on search engine's perspective, so having as many as possible is a great thing to have.

Popular bloggers don't have much big problem doing this stuffs. They usually gets backlinks from their fellow bloggers weekly and even daily, and even without them knowing.

However, newbies on the blogsphere don't have the same privileges like these pros. Of course there's a paid services where you can pay them in exchange of a link on their blog. This practice is not ideal since you have to maintain a monthly fee, and to top this, google had been improving its logarithm to filter or discredit these paid-link links. Not to mention that someone who's not yet earning should plan any excess cost.

Pasting links on blogs are nofollow by default, so it's useful only to the readers on that blog, and getting your link click is on 1:100 ratio (or worse).

Good news, you can now create comments on blog where when search engines see it, they'll count it as a valid backlink for your blog.

How? Just search for the 'do follow blogs' list or directories. click this link. Here, you can see the preview of each blogs, just select the blog on your niche and start making valuable comments. Also, it is important to prioritize the high PR blogs.

Of course there are other ways on having a backlink, creating an article to and manual link exchange are some examples. But if you want a fast but guaranteed way to do this, then seeking dofollow blogs is the easiest way for this.

Isn't this great? Start now.

Delete / Remove Accidentally Approved Friends On Facebook

Change minds? found your friends' updates annoying / spamming? Delete or remove them on your list.

how to delete or remove friends on facebook
Same thing happened to me.

Someone invited me and I confirmed her friend request, only later I realized that her updates on my homepage feels like a spam, in short I doesn't care monitoring her status.

Fortunately or unfortunately, I found that people are also experiencing the same problem. Here are some of their questions:

1.) How to remove friends on facebook
2.) How to delete friends on facebook
3.) Delete friend on facebook account
4.) Delete friend facebook
5.) Facebook remove friends, will he know?

First thing first, facebook offers many security features. One of these is that a user can't see who viewed him. So deleting a friend that you manually approved yourself is very possible, and here's how.

1.) Click your friend you want to delete / remove.
2.) Scroll down until you see the 'Remove From Friends' link on the bottom left. (it's right above the 'Share' button)
3.) Click it and confirm, then you're done.

You wouldn't see his updates anymore on you're homepage. Also, this step is confidential, meaning that he wouldn't gonna know that you deleted him as your friend, no notification to him or whatever.

FYI: Both 'Ignore' and 'Remove From Friends' link are done quietly.

Update: I found this professional looking video on how to remove friends on facebook done by howcast.