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How To Franchise Chooks To Go In The Philippines

Chooks To Go : Masarap Kahit Walang Sauce

chooks to go franchise Philippines
True indeed, Chooks To Go's roasted chickens lives with their claim 'Masarap kahit walang sauce', simply because it is really delicious (to the bone!) even without sauce, and in the first place, they won't give you a sauce :)

With Chooks To Go's sudden popularity, business men are looking for information on how to franchise chooks to go stall.

According to my (intense) research, chooks to go doesn't offer franchise as of now. And all stores are company branches. Maybe the company is still new and they're still preparing for some major business transitions.

What BOUNTY Agro Ventures Inc. or Bounty Fresh (chooks to go's owner) offers is that you can buy their marinated chicken. However, this is not advisable since they surely prioritize their stores stocks before you can get your supply, just in case the supply get's limited that is.

However, I saw some persons who answered on forums and blogs that gives contact number if you're interested on franchise.
Here are them:
1.) (02)7076604 / txt to 09295744615 (source:animotivation.blogspot.com)
2.) Tyson Agro Venture (Bounty Fresh) 02 366-0616 (source: entrepreneur.com)
3.) Mrs Sylvia Chen Tel:0063 2 3633125 0063 2 3641589 Fax:0063 2 3645726 (source: inegosyo.com)

Disclaimer: I don't guarantee that these contact numbers are valid. Use them on your own risk.

Do you know where and how to franchise Chooks To Go? Please comment on below to help other searchers.

UPDATE: This seems to be a valid Chooks To Go website: www.chookstogo.com.ph 

Meanwhile, here's one of Chooks To Go's commercial:

Price List of Dual Sim Cellphones / Mobile Phones - Philippines

MyPhone and Cherry Mobile Brands (no nokia, samsung and ericson brands)

Fortunately, unlike other countries, Philippines currently has only three network providers for mobile phones. Smart, globe and sun networks are competing the mobile market throughout the country.

On most cases, or on my case specifically, I need to carry sun cellular network because of its very affordable unlimited plans. However, I need to choose between globe and smart for my other network. Reason? I don't know either, sun signal is good even on our province, so keeping my smart number doesn't really make sense. All I know is that I'm still not ready giving up my 0919242424? smart number.

Maybe I just can't give up the nice smart number combination. Whatever, if you're like me who needs to keep two network sim without having two literal cellphones on your pocket, then a dual active sim mobile phone is what your looking for.

There's a lot of china phones that offers dual sim cheap mobile phones but let's just talk about the popular and reliable products available.

Introducing MyPhone and Cherry Mobile.


MyPhone B71 duo
Features: VGA camera, DUAL sim, Triband, FMradio, bluetooth
Price: Php. 2,790.00

MyPhone B23
Features: Free Burger speakers, Dual Sim, Am/Fm radio 1.3 megapixel camera, triband bluetooth, mp3/mp4
Price: Php. 2,990.00

MyPhone T13 Touch duo
Features: Free Burger speakers, Dual S, 1.3MP camera,Touch Screen, FMradio, bluetooth, card slot
Price: Php. 2,990.00

MyPhone Q20
Features: Dual Sim, VGAcamera, FMradio, bluetooth, card slot
Price: Php. 2,990.00

MyPhone TV81
Features: VGA camera,TV, triband, Dual Sim, mp3 player, fm radio, bluetooth
Price: Php. 3,400.00

MyPhone QT22
Features: 1.3MP camera, DUAL sim, FM radio, bluetooth, card slot, MP3/MP4 player
Price: Php. 3,890.00

MyPhone Qt23
Features: Dual SIM QWERTY Keypad,TRACKBALL, 2.0 MP Camera, 2.2“ QVGA 240x320 pixels, TFT, YAMAHA Amplifier, Pinoy Phone Features Ready, Shortcuts to Social Networking sites, Triband: 900 / 1800 / 1900, WAP 2.0, Bluetooth/ USB Connectivity, MP3/MP4 player/FM Radio, Audio/Video Recorder, Expandable up to 8GB, Java Capable, Connect Notice, Blacklist, Background Changer, Chat, MP3 Message Alert Tone, Radio Recording, Radio Recording Scheduler, E-Book Reader
Price: Php. 4,790.00

MyPhone TV22 duo
Features: 1.3MP camera, TV, DUAL sim, FM radio, bluetooth, card slot
Price: Php. 5,500.00

MyPhone Qs25
Features: Dual GSM dual standby, Qwerty keypad slidiing phone, GSM 900/ 1800/1900 ; EDGE, 2.4 TFT QVAG, 1.3M Camera, 256Mbits+64Mbits, MP3 Player /Video Player/ FM Radio / WAP / MMS 2.0 / BT /, FREE 2gb Memory Card, USB, 1020mAh Li-ion Battery, 26mm Stereo Speaker, JAVA, MSN , FACEBOOK, E buddy, Mini Opera, Edge, Push mail, Office viewer (Word, Excel, PPT)
Price: Php. 6,490.00

MyPhone Tv21
Features: 2mp camera, Dual Sim, 3" LCD Touch Screen, mp3 player,fm radio bluetooth
Price: Php. 7,300.00

Cherry Mobile

Cherry mobile, the newest player in the dual sim phone market on the Philippines had their newest phone sets.

Cherry S11 Blade
Features: Color TFT LCD display, Pitch changer,  MP3/MP4 payer,  FM Radio,  GPRS/MMS capable,  2GB microSD card,  Bluetooth 2.0
Price: Php. 2,690.00

Cherry D20 Life
Features: 1.8” 65K Color TFT LCD display,VGA Camera, MP3/MP4 player, FM Radio, Voice recorder, 2GB microSD card, Bluetooth 2.0, Dual Active SIM/Dual Standby
Price: Php. 2,990.00

Cherry D50 Inertia
Features: 1.3 MP camera,  MP3/MP4 player,  FM Radio,  built-in Motion Sensor,  Bluetooth 2.0,  2GB microSD card, GPRS
Price: Php.3,690.00


Cherry M35 Integra
Features: Free-to-Air TV phone,  TV Function,  2 MP camera,  2.2” QVGA TFT LCD display,  Dual Camera,  MP3/MP4 player,  FM Radio,  Motion Sensor,  2GB microSD card,  Bluetooth 2.0,  GPRS
Price: Php. 5,690.00

Pinay Teen Six Video Scandal Collection


I had joined the SEO contest initiated by marhgil about this pinay scandal keyword.

Marhgil had initiated the campaign about this “pinay scandal” keyword. Though I had observed that Selboy had been ranking on the “pinay scandal” keyword and related search terms. It seems that Selboy had created numerous landing pages on most pinay scandal related search terms and then interconnected this pages within, smart move.

Todate, I can’t see any white hat bloggers or non-pron sites who had passed Selboy on ranking on pinay scandal related search terms. He mentioned that Marhgil really initiated the campaign, but it’s so obvious that he had over passed all bloggers who had joined the campaign.

The Promise of the “Pinay Scandal” Keyword

I had just joined the campaign, but even I’m just a total newbie, I had noticed that some search engine users had come to my blog using “pinay scandal” related search terms. Being new to the game, I asked myself how do googlers came to my page. Did I ranked that high this soon? So I tried the search terms they used on the search engines they also used, and I found that my newly created page dedicated for the campaign is on the eight page of google.

The mystery added, are these searchers really this desperate that they went as far as the eight result page just to look for the pinay scandal related searches? If I’m on the eight pages and I’m having significant (enough to be notice) traffic, then how much more this bloggers who are topping the campaign.

So I thought, this campaign really has a potential.

But I’m Afraid !

I don’t want google people to notice that my blog is having its big traffic chunk from “pinay scandal” related search terms. So I must strive harder to get huge traffic percentage on other keyword.

I’m still on m early blogging age, lots of things need to do, lots to read, lots to write, lots to learn.

Free Download Pinay Scandal Collection

Nagtataka lang ako, diba kapag ang buntis ay manganganak na, kabuwanan ang tawag nila? Ibig sabihin, may kalingguhan din, kapag manganganak na siya sa linggong iyon, at syempre, may kaarawan din. Pero hindi ba birthday yun? Staka pano kung nagsabay yung birthday mo at araw ng panganganak mo. Anong tawag dun? Kaarawan mo sa kaarawan mo? Grabe, buti na lang hindi ako mabubuntis.

Teka, hindi nga ba?

TRANSLATION BY: translate.google.com
DISCLAIMER: Due to some Filipino nature of the contexts, the author translated this article literally.

I'm just wondering, right when the pregnant woman to give birth, premature to call them? I mean, there kalingguhan also, and of course, there are also birthday. Birthday is not it that? Staka nagsabay bugs if your birthday and the day of your birth. Dun call what? Birthday on your birthday? Serious, I'm good just mabubuntis.

Wait, did not she?

Adsense Earning Shares To Publishers Now Made Public

Though adsense revenue shares to the publishers was never disclosed or made public in any manner for years, publishers are still happy and contented for using adsense on their sites and blogs.

I've read articles on the web, that even though adsense doesn't tell them how much they can earn per click or per impressions to an adsense ads, they're still happy and no complain using adsense on their sites, considering the amount they're earning.

Yes, it's too good to be true, but it happened. Google had just announced to their blog the revenue shares of publishers for both adsense for content and adsense for search.

The day before yesterday (yeah, I intended to complicate the date), google had publicly announced that publishers get 68% commission for adsense for content and 51% commission for adsense for search.

Just when I belive that 50-50 is a generous cut, having these revenue shares is as I said 'too good to be true', but hey, it is!

Every publishers loves google adsense, and now we love google more since the day before yesterday.


Send A Tweet And Get A Ticket To Win An Apple iPad


Not a fake sale promotion, no hidden charges, just retweet once and earn a raffle to win an iPad, for real!

Here's some list of ongoing contest that let you win an apple iPad, only just by tweeting.

PCMag - Just follow @PCMag on twitter and tweet "I want an iPad", to get a chance of winning a 16G wifi version of iPad.

eForCity - To enter, follow @eforcity and tweet “Just entered to win a free iPad. Follow @eForCity and retweet to enter! www.eforcity.com/twittergiveaway.html#eForCityGiveaway.” Win a 16GB Wifi iPad.

PastorGear - Just like the aboves. Enter the contest by following @pastorgearstuff and then tweeting “Win a free iPad from PastorGear.com!
Details: http://bit.ly/a2UBez”.

Relevant Magazine - Get a chance to win one of the two 16GB WiFi iPad. Follow @relevantmag and retweet: “Just entered to win an iPad from @RELEVANTmag & Craig Groeschel’s Christian Atheist! Follow & RT to enter: http://bit.ly/byHhGT”.

Susan Nichole - A popular handbag designer is giving away a 16GB Wifi. Join by following @susannichole and tweeting “I ♥ Susan Nichole Handbags – Re-tweet and Follow @susannichole for a chance to WIN an Apple iPad -http://ow.ly/19Nwt”

There you have it, the top five chances to win a beloved iPad. Very easy to join, and I just did.

How To Make Money On Twitter.com

Everyone uses facebook, everyone uses youtube and good news is, everyone who's on these two mentioned portals is on twitter too.

Fact is, if their online, they have a tab open for their tweeter account. If you have 20K+ followers, you can use your twitter account to make money online.

Here's some very simple and literal steps.

Step One : Open your preferred browser
Step Two : On your address bar type in ' twitter.com '
Step Three : Type in your username and password
Step Four : Click on the ' What's Happening ' text area
Step Five : On your keyboard, press and hold your 'Shift' key
Step Six : While your shift key still on hold, press the '4' key on the keyboard, four times
Step Seven : Click on the ' Tweet ' button.

Congratulations! You just made $$$ using your twitter account.

Death threats? Please post it on the comments below.

Cheap China Mobile Phones

Made In China Mobile Phones

China's mobile phones are invading almost all countries with their copy-paste mobile phone models. China mobile phones are mostly copied from original brands like nokia, iphone, samsung, ericson and even son'y psp go.

My Opinion:
Technically, these china-made mobile devices are original in a sense since they are not copying the logo or the brand name of the popular devices which they have alleged copied from. Okay, it's so obvious that they really copied the technology like touch screen, wifi capabilities, tv features and many more.

But the thing is, they have their own market. Meaning that rich people or the so called 'can-afford' will not buy or use these cheap made in china devices. The persons who will patronize these cheap devices are on the class C to E.

With this, below average incomer can enjoy the almost the same featured mobile phones in a much cheaper price. With that, some said that this makes life a little fair on some point.

In short, all I want to say is don't buy pirated products. But the idea of patronizing the products of the makers who creatively innovate designs for everyone's sake, then that's a good thing you can do for everybody.

Some countries where china had injected their cheap made in china mobile phones:
Philippines China mobile phones
Indonesia China mobile phones
US China mobile phones
Thailand China mobile phones
Taiwan China mobile phones
Sri-Lanka China mobile phones
Poland China mobile phones
Canada China mobile phones
Saudi Arabia China mobile phones
Hongkong China mobile phones
Singapore China mobile phones
Dubai China mobile phones
Egypt China mobile phones
India China mobile phones
Japan China mobile phones
Korea China mobile phones
Malaysia China mobile phones
Pakistan China mobile phones
Oman China mobile phones
Qatar China mobile phones
Turkey China mobile phones
Vietnam China mobile phones
UAE China mobile phones
scissor black
Grabe kanina, pauwi na ko from work, sumakay ako ng jeep. Yung katabi kong babae, walang pakelam kung abutan man ako ng buhok niya. asar. Kiber talaga. Akala mo kagandahan. Kung me gunting lang ako eh gugupitin ko hair niya, pati bra.


Translation by: translate.google.com

Serious earlier, I home from work, I ride a jeepney. The woman next to me, no pakelam if I ever catch her hair. pissed. Kiber really. Imagine your beauty. If scissors me pare eh I'm just her hair, as bra.

Haaay ...
Have you heard the controversial news between google and china? Where china altered search results over youtube.com? Then google threatened china to pull out their service to china because of filtering search results to Chinese users.

Now, Pakistani's Lahore High Court ordered that access to Facebook be blocked in Pakistan because of the 'Everybody Draw Mohammed Day' page on facebook.

Not surprisingly, Pakistan had also blocked blogger.com on 2006.

I'm just wondering, if my country blocked these sites, will it also create the same noise, well, just a thought. I think it wouldn't gonna happen, we're too behave, I guess.

Tweeter.com = Twitter.com Fever

Join Twitter.com for free

twitter logo
What is twitter.com ?

Twitter.com is a networking and microblogging service that answer a simple question, "What are you doing?". Overtime, twitter had revised this question to a shorter "What's happening?". This new question is a more general approach to what user can say.

Twitter users can participate on this microblogging by sending 140 characters messages tweets.

You can follow tweeters to see their tweets. On the same idea, people can also follow you to see your tweets.

My Opinion
Tweeter is a great free service, as you can see the person's status in real time. However, some of the basic idea had been abused, like the numbers of following person a particular account have.

I believe that you can't read all the tweets of your tens of thousands following. Users mass follow persons because of the "I follow you, you follow me" idea.

With this, spam tweets are most likely to appear on your page because you didn't even know these persons, much more of what they are saying.
jeep philippines
Sumakay ako sa jeep kaninang umaga, me nakisabay magbayad sakin, nakiabot ng pamasahe niya, mga around 65 years old ng babae, pero todo pustura pa. Mala 25 years old kung makapag-makeup.

Syete ang pamasahe ko, syete rin ang inabot niya. Sosoli ko sana yung piso bago ko iabot sa drayber ang pamasahe namin. Natakot lang ako, baka taasan ako ng kilay ng ale, o baka masampal pa ako, mahirap na. Sais lang kasi ang pamasahe ng mga senior citizen eh.

Muntik ko na talagang gawin out of innocence, mabuti na lang eh mabilis akong nakapag-isip. Sa panahong ito, masama na talagang maging concern sa kapwa. hushhh...

TRANSLATION BY translate.google.com

Take me to the jeep this morning, me nakisabay pay from me, the fare nakiabot him, around 65 years old female, but still too far posture. Midwife 25 years old if able to makeup.

Syete the fare, I also took him syete. I would Sosoli the peso before I pass the driver the fare we. I'm just scared, I might raise the eyebrows of ale, or maybe I masampal more, challenging. Because only six of the senior citizen fare eh.

I've actually done quite out of innocence, well that's just me already eh quick mind. Nowadays, bad to really be concern to both. hushhh ...
Kumain ako kanina sa jollibbee pagkalabas na pagkalabas ko sa work, nag-order ako, nagbayad, tapos after kong magbayad, tinanong ako kung may tres daw ako. Anak ng.. di ba sobra-sobra pa ang ibinayad ko sayo? sisinghalan ko sana yung nasa counter kung hindi lang makapal yung foundation niya eh...

Diba me sukli pa ko, bakit humihingi ka pa? etong bag ko gusto mo pa? sapatos? medyas, nakangiti kong ibibigay seo, gusto mu?

Pero siyempre, pa-innocent effect ako, "Sorry po, wala eh", with waving hands pa.

Tapos, after kong kumain nag-grocery ako sa circle-j, oo dito sa olongapo, bakit me circle-j ba dyan senio?! Eh naka-uniform ako, kapapasok ko pa lang ng grocery nang may magtanong sakin kung saan daw yung energen, yun bang choco drink. Anank ng tipaklong, eh mas kagalang-galang pa ang suot ko sa kanya. Ganda ng polo ko noh... sa office ako ngwowork, sa office! Engineer ako, engineer.

Andaming sira-ulo ngayong araw na to, eclipse kasi siguro nung isang gabi. Mga put...

TRANSLATED BY http://translate.google.com

I eat earlier in jollibbee after that after I work, I order, pay, then after I pay, I asked if I said three. Child .. not sure plenty more I pay you? sisinghalan I had one in the counter if the foundation is not just her butt ... eh

Change on me right, why you're asking? Etong bag like you? shoes? socks, smiling to give seo, like MU?

But of course, still effect me Innocent, "Sorry sir, no eh", with waving hands yet.

Then, after I eat I did grocery circle-j, even here in Olongapo, circle-j me why you over there senio?! Eh i already uniform, incomer I just ask from me with a grocery where the energen said, actually have choco drink. Anank the hopper, eh more respectable than the wearing of it. Nice shirt ... I noh I ngwowork office, the office! Engineer I, engineer.

Andaming crazy-head to this day, maybe because when an eclipse night. Are put ...
blog comment
Do you harness traffic from your comments on others’ blogs?

Surfers post comments for two reasons, they want to give their opinion or they want to post a backlink. Either way, people leave comments to grab attention, expecting that the author would at least read their comments. But nowadays, comments are intentionally addressed for everybody who happens to attend the same post. Everyone will see it so it’s very important to dress it up with something shiny, or whatever that would grab attention.

Whether you’re plainly giving a reaction to a post or just trying to create a backlink, there’s one thing you must understand to create an effective comment. Let’s begin.

Be Approve-Able

This is where everything starts, create something that the blog owner wants to get displayed on his blog. Be approvable, because if you don’t, then what’s the point?

Commenting On Popular Blogs

One big challenge to a blogger is to create comments on popular blogs. “Commenting on popular blogs? Where’s the challenge, and what’s the difference?” you may say. But you know, popular blogs are expectedly to have 30 or more comments on them for each posts, in which 10 I believe is already a crowded spot.

One thing for sure, you need to create a comment on that popular blog for the sake of backlink, that’s easy, but getting attention is another thing. The chance of your comments being notice on these kind of blogs decreases because surfer’s eyes will just aimed to scan these 30+ comments and if your comment was just-another-wordpress-comments kind of thing, then yours will just be passed-by just like other regular unappealing comments spamming that post.

So how to get my comments noticeable?

For popular blogs, you should furnish your comments with an all-caps letters. “But wasn’t that too much? Would I look like pathetic by doing that?” you may say. But do not be shy for doing these, remember that you are trying to be noticeable here, and you wouldn’t want your comment to appear like everybody else’s. Until wordpress creators let us create red-texted comments with bold-underline on it, we will use caps lock okay?

Create Your Signature

No, signature file wasn’t just only for forum. I say that comments must also have signature on them. I always use “–Nhoel of http://keywordspeak.com” . So in any case the other surfers found my comment appealing, I'm giving them the obvious opportunity to know me better by using my very handy signature link. Now you got two links, the standard website field link and your signature link, and you just got one step ahead.

Note: Most spam filter plugins treat your comment as spam if your comment has three or more link on it so don’t overdo this.

Avoid Long Comments

My initial reaction when I see long article posts is “Do I really need to read all these to get the information I need?”. Well, that’s for an article, how much more for a comment. Comment need not to be long, just compose one to two juicy-slash-intelligent sentence and it should be enough to be notice.

Reinvent Your “Website” Field Entry

Are you just putting your homepage on your website field entry whenever you’re creating a comment? You should know that you can put an specific post on it to create a one plus point on your backlink. Remember that you already have your homepage’s backlink on your signature entry on the comment’s body, so having a more specific address is what you want for this.

This trick has a pros and cons though, let’s discuss further:

Advantage: You will reduce your bounce rate, because your visitors should click your “Home” link since they just got entered from a specific post. Plus of course you had just created two different backlink on that one comment, search engines treat this as a separate entity (dofollow), and that’s two birds in one stone.

Disadvantage: If your comment didn’t labeled as “waiting for approval”, then try again by just doing the traditional homepage link. If you see “waiting for approval”, then the blog owner didn’t allow you to do that. There are few sites like this, so this is still something you should do.

Always Mention The Blog Owner’s Name

The most important thing is to get approved right? Meaning you must first get the blog owners nod before anybody else’s. You can get your chance being approved tenfold if you at least mention the blogmaster’s name. A simple “Thanks Derek” or anything more appropriate will do the trick.

Never Spam

So how do we define a comment spam? Comment spams are any comments that appeared to be created for the sake of having a backlink. Your fellow commentators wouldn’t follow it, much more the blog owner will approve it.

Watch Out For Misspellings

Our aim is to catch attention, having misspelled words and grammar errors wouldn’t give us that. You should review your comments just like you review your posts. Most blogs never allow you to edit your comments once sent, so watch out.

These are some few tips on creating comment, let’s see if you just learned something.
Sometimes there are things you need to do where you need access to hidden folders. Being a totally non technical person, you are having a hard time doing this. Problem no more, this can actually be done with some few clicks, and can be easily done even for a total beginner, yes that’s you!

I’m not trying to simplify things but the procedure is so easy, let’s do it.

1.) Open windows explorer - windows explorers are the same windows when you open “My Documents”, “My Computer” or any kind of folders.
2.) Click on “Tools” , select “Folder Options”.

3.) On the appearing window, select “View tab”
4.) On the “View” tab, select “Show hidden files and folders”

Your hidden files and folder is now viewable. Hidden files and folders can be identified with faded icons

How Google Index Websites

Google Saves Websites Data

google spider
To date, Google is the most widely known, widely used and widely respected search engine on the web. Google had indexed so many website than any of its competitors. Though Google has sponsored link results, it gives real link on websites according to the search query used by the visitors, unlike other search engines who were reported to be bias since their search results were mixed by commercial website that sponsored them. Google on the other hand shows sponsored links on a separate area and the real result was displayed on the main window in rank basis.

Google has been so reliable and popular that it is interchangeably used instead of the term “search”. Hence, the phrase “Search it!” had become more understandable and more meaningful if “Google it!” was used.

Are you wondering how Google became so reliable and popular?

The real detail is so technical and would be boring, so I’ll just use common words to discuss it, but first let me introduce to you the term “Google Dance”.

You need fist to understand that Google needs to index all websites on the net. Indexing is the process of Google reading all text content of each single websites, and after reading them, Google’s engine will then save this information on its database for later use.

So how do Google do this, and how often it does indexing?

Google had more than ten thousand of servers on different locations. These servers work hand in hand in crawling the internet and collect all the text information it can get. In this process, Google’s engine will add new entries for newly found websites and delete entries of websites that had gone online. After the whole process, these servers will then upload the new index result to www.google.com. Google does this indexing process 10 times a year, calculating, that’s every 36 days. This process of changing index entries had later been coined to be the “Google Dance”.

But that was before. To date, it was reported that Google does this every week, mostly on Monday. Meaning that this has become an ongoing process for Google’s search engines. That is why users can see various results from time to time.

This greatly benefits users, however this creates an unending panic to most webmasters. If a search engine will update its index in continuous pattern, each websites rankings could vary anytime. Meaning that if a web owner holds the top rank, he don’t have the assurance of staying at that level unless he do something that would make him stay on the top.

And since all webmasters fight to be on the top rank, it then became an unending and continuous battle among web owners.

Google is the most advance search engine available on the web up to this day, giving logical and reliable results. The very reason why Google earned the respect of the average users, webmasters, experts and even critics online and offline.

Photo Credit: http://blog.sadaf.ps

How To Copy Text From Command Prompt On Windows

Command prompt tips and tricks

Here's a tutorial on how you can copy text from window's command prompt.

First, right click on the title bar, select Edit > Mark. Doing this will enable the highlight function of the command prompt. Now, you can highlight the desired text, then again right click on the title bar, select Edit > Copy. Shortcut to copy the text is to press the Enter key while the selected texts are highlighted.
copy text command prompt

The selected texts on the command prompt window is now on your clipboard, paste it on your desired application.

Is this tutorial helped you? You can confirm or disapprove below for the sake of other readers, thank you

How To Use Your Own Registered Domain With Blogger.com

Configure custom domain on blogspot blog at blogger.com

This blog is hosted at blogger.com, but like everyone else I also found the default domain name ugly. Having a 'blogspot' extension on your url address doesn't appeal on my taste, especially to my visitors, much more with search engines.

So I used blogger.com's custom domain name feature. As you can see, this blog is using my own paid domain name 'keywordspeak.com', and what's nice about this is that it is hosted my blogger.com. That means that I don't need to pay for a monthly hosting fee. Sure I can afford the monthly fee for hosting, I'm doing this before with godaddy.com. I found 2.45 dollars/mo very affordable, but if you can do it for free, then why not use it, right?

So, since this blog is a proof that you can use your paid domain name with blogger.com, then let's start discussing on how you can do it too.

I registered my domain name with godaddy.com, but you didn't have to worry if you have different registrars, the idea is still the same. All you need to do is to change the settings on your cname record. On godaddy, here's how I've done it, login to your godaddy account, click on 'Domain Manager' as shown on the figure below.

blogger.com custom domain

Next, click you domain name, then click the 'Total DNS Control' on the 'Total DNS' section as shown below.

godaddy.com custom domain name blogger.com
godaddy.com blogger.com custom domain
 Now, edit the entry on the 'www' entry and point it to ghs.google.com. This means that when your visitors type in www.yourdomain.com, blogger will load your blog. But what if your visitors just type in yourdomain.com ? To solve this, you must redirect yourdomain.com to www.yourdomain.com.

paid domain name blogger.com

paid domain name at blogger.com

Okay, we're done on the registrar part, next step is to make some simple configuration on our blog address at blogger.com. Login to your blogger account and go to Settings > Publishing, and click on the 'Custom Domain' link. Click on the 'Switch on advance settings' link. Now, enter your own/custom domain name on the text field as shown below.

domain name custom blogger

You can check the 'Redirect yourdomain.com to www.yourdomain.com' checkbox, we've done this on the registrar side but you can check it here, just to be safe. If the registrar side fails (which is not so likely) your setting here at blogger.com will back it up.

So that's it, your blog on blogger.com is now set-up using your own domain name.

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Jejemon Phenomena Had Hit Philippines

Jejemon term is starting to spread here on the Philippines. Some like it, some hate it. But what is jejemon? Is it a term for a particular practice or a term used on some group of people?

Jejemon is usually used as a practice or to a person doing it . Jejemon usually appears on text forms.

Here’s an example of a jejemon:
"e0wSsZz pOwhhZzmUsZtAhH nUah pOwhHzz kEowHsz?"

Jejemon here in the Philippines is a hot discussion actively happening on facebook pages. As I have said, some love doing it, some hate seeing it as they refer it as a form of being jologs, baduy and awkward. Some simply don’t want it for readability reason.

Some said that jejemon rised because of unlimited text services on the country, “Nauso lang naman ang jejemon dahil sa unlimited texting, try niong magpaka-jejemon ng walang unli”.

Here’s some screenshot of a hot discussion about jejemon:

jejemon fever
jejemon phenomena
jejemon group

Free Pinay Celebrity Six Scandal - SEO Contest


I just decided to join the SEO contest that’s trending among Filipino bloggers. It seems that free pinay six scandal is one of the most search phrase on our country, Philippines. So I think that it’s my responsibility as a blogger to create a post intended for the free pinay celebrity scandal saga.

This post is intended to rank on search engines so that the real bad sites related to the free pinay celebrity scandal will be push down, google please help us.

By marhgil macuha who initiated this mini seo contest three years ago (November 2007) with the goal stated above.

Concern About Google Adsense
I joined this contest after hearing this for about five months because I knew that google adsense doesn’t allow their ads on any pron site or any site that promote it or link on any pron related site. So, I don’t want to take the risk putting my adsense account in danger considering that getting your account back is very very hard. Also, self respect told me that if I will earn money online, I will do it without sacrificing my dignity, and I was thinking then "What will my friends and relatives will tell me if they see my scandalous post?". But when I discovered that you don’t need to promote any carn@l things by targeting these keywords, then I finally decided to join the contest, and here I am, huli man daw at magaling, nakakahabol din. And the question is “Am I magaling?”, that we will see with this experiment.

My Hardship
To date, bloggers who joined the FREE PINAY CELEBRITY SCANDAL contest is already huge. Meaning that I am very late to beat these early comers, considering that the posting date is one of the factor search engines like google are using on their ranking. But I knew that the time factor is not the only thing that these search engines are using. What are those? Who knows (do you?), what I know is that I will join the contest, do the best that I can, wait, and hope that I can get on top.

Being a late comer has some benefits. First, I am sure that this FREE PINAY SiX CELEBRITY SCANDAL SEO CONTEST is adsense safe because many bloggers have done their own post with google adsense codes on it. So it’s absolutely safe to say that it is a certified adsense safe. Second, you can make other site as a reference on how to do it, meaning you can do what they have done and even improve it. It’s like a game where they already shown their cards with you having the freedom to choose what kind of cards you’ll use and how to deal them.

Now, I’m done, the only thing left for me to do is to wait and hope that I made this right. SEO contest, here I come!
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How To Reset / Refresh Your Connection With SmartBro Canopy


SmartBro with canopy limited or no connectivity problem / issue

I'm using smartbro canopy on our house since a lined internet connection doesn't still reached our place, actually we're two street away from the last terminal box of a wired isp(can you believe that?).

So, as a last resort, I'm using the smartbro with canopy service. Though I admit that I'm somewhat satisfied with it's performance, but your internet connection using smartbro with canopy can sometimes drop especially on peak hours.

Here's a solution on how to properly refresh or reset your internect connection with smartbro:

Step1.) Unplug your smartbro power adaptor (at least 10 seconds).
Step2.) With your computer: Start > Run > type: ncpa.cpl > Right Click and disable your Local Area Connection.
Step3.) Plug back your smartbro power adaptor.
Step4.) Enable back your Local Area Connection by double clicking the icon or right click > Enable.

You made two major resetting steps. One is you properly disconnected the power to the canopy since it is using a POL or power on lan, meaning that a 29.5 volts over the ethernet cable (that's the cable going to your canopy). And second, you had reset the session of your lan network to your computer, by disabling / enabling your local area connection.

Your connection will surely be fix doing this steps, however, in any case that you still can't reestablish your internet connection, then the problem could be on your internet service provider and not on your end. You can try your connection again after some minutes. Worst come to worst, you can contact *1888 using your smart sim since they don't allow direct communication to your local smartbro service maintenance team.
wordpress broken admin page hacked
My wordpress blog is hacked which causes my admin page broken. I found that a worm or some virus got to my computer, sitting and waiting for some ftp session. And when I did used ftp for my self-hosted wordpress site, it logged my username and password and sent it somehow to the hacker.

Cutting the story short, all of my php files was appended with <?php /**/ eval(base64_decode("aWYoZnVuY3Rpb25fZXhpc3RzKCdvYl...=="));?> codes on them. Decoding this base64 instruction reveals a functioning php code used by the hacker. And cutting the story shorter, I switched to blogger.com for my blog and just used my beloved old domain.

I didn't know exactly how the virus got to my pc because I'm using an updated Norton Symantec Endpoint antivirus. But suing them isn't possible, so life must go on and I just moved here on blogger.com.

There's a lot of degraded features from a self hosted wordpress blog compared here on blogger.com, like flexible themes, plugins and everything. But if all you need is to have a platform to write on, some space for a humble ads, and I think blogger.com is more than enough for what you need.

And hey, I trust Google anyway.

I'm not saying that you can't fix your wordpress blog when hacked. It's been on my mind switching on blogger.com long before, it's just that stupid hacker triggered it this time, blessing in disguise I'll say.