Where Is Senator Panfilo Ping Lacson ?

Senator Ping Panfilo Lacson Is Hiding

Where Is Senator Panfilo Ping Lacson

Current senator Panfilo Ping Lacson is nowhere to found. With his ongoing trial for Dacer-Corbito double murder case, the senator is currently hiding from the Philippines authorities.

I have seen the full story of Dacer - Corbito doulbe murder case on channel two, which said that the PR man and his driver was burnt after taking multiple gun shots.

The case was said had happened on ex-president Erap Estrada's regime where he is the Philippine National Police chief officer. Panfilo Ping Lacson is known in the Philippines as a hard - disciplinary person, requiring his police officers to maintain a waist limit in order to retain their jobs.

Everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty, true indeed, since the senator is currently still under investigation as a primary suspect on the case. But the senator chose to hide than to face the accusations against him.

Meanwhile, ex-president Joseph Erap Ejercito Estrada denied any part of the case.

The senator has been absent on many senate hearings. With this, a motion made by his co-senators mandates his office be shutdown, that includes his salary and pork barrel, his office employee though will be transferred to do other important task than waiting for their direct boss, who is nowhere to found/

On the side news, some reports that the hiding senator is on Australia. But one thing for sure, he is abroad and not here in the Philippines.

It is expected that the senator is looking for refuge under any political influence like what happened to senator Trinallanes.

Anyway, here a youtube vide of GMA's 24 oras news that allegedly saw Ping Lacson leaving to Singapore.

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  1. To Sen. Panfilo Lacson sir, Alam ko nahihirapan na rin po kayo sa inyong pagtatago sa batas ng Pilipinas. Ako po ay personal na naniniwala na wala kayong kinalaman o kasalanan sa mga binibintang na kaso, sa dacer/corbito case, Lumaban po kayo, ipakita niyo na kayo ay ulirang sundalo, maginoo at matangpang. Ako po ay nanalangin na naway matapos na ang mga pagsubok sa buhay nyo. Alam po namin ang dakilang hangarin nyo ang makapag-lingkod sa sambayanan Pilipino..godbless