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What is 2D Barcode ?

2d barcode

2D barcode is better than the usual unidimensional barcode

2D barcode is a two dimensional barcode that can store strings of data both horizontally and vertically. Being wider in range of occupied space, the 2D barcode is used when there's a need of storing larger data that the usual unidimensional barcode cannot handle.

The main idea or difference is that the 2D dimensional barcode cans tor up to 7,089 characters as opposed to the 20 character limit of the usual unidemensional barcodes.

Most manufactured smartphones nowadays is already equipped with 2D barcode readers. This is used when printed ads, like on newspapers or magazines post their advertisements on a 2D format.

Here are a sample video that I found on youtube that shows the uses of 2D barcode.


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