November 29, 2010 Regular Holiday Philippines - Non Working Holiday

Official - November 29, 2010 Was Declared As A National Regular Non - Working Holiday

november 29 2010 regular non working holiday

Palace declared the 29'th of November as a national holiday

Malacañang palace declared that November 29 of this year as a regular non-working holiday in commemoration of Bonifacio Day. The declaration was made last Thursday.

Deputy presidential spokesperson Abigail Valte announced via text message to the reporters to confirm. The announcement was also made in public on the government's official twitter account

Bonifacio Day in actual, falls on November 30'th. However, Proclamation 1841, issued in July 2009 via Arroyo's regime, made the celebration to be moved on the nearest Monday of the week.

Regular non working holiday automatically means that employee of all sectors do not need to report to work, and that is for regular employees and contractual. All employees, regardless of their status will be given full paid according to the labor code.

The holiday intends to commemorate one of the Philippines hero, Andres Bonifacio, born on November 30, 1863 and died on May 10, 1897.

Bonifacio was known as the supreme leader (supremo) of the Katipunan movement he himself founded. The KKK fought for Filipino freedon from the Spanish forces which started the Philippine revolution. The members of the Katipunan moement were called the katipuneros which were secretly grouped themselves against Spaniards who ruled the country from 1521 to 1898.

With the holiday, Filipinos are expecting an another long weekend since the holiday dropped off on Monday.

With that, two days has been appointed as a national holiday for the entire country.


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