November 16, 2010 Special Holiday | Philippines Holiday

November 16, 2010 Declared As Special Non-Working Holiday

november 16, 2010 special non working holiday philippines

Malacanang declared November 16, 2010 as a special non-working holiday

Am I seeing those smile on you? Don't worry, I myself have it too as I have heard the announcement from malacanang palace.

November 16, 2010 is officially declared as a special non-working holiday for the entire Philippines.

The holiday was declared in observance of Eid’l-Adha (or Islam’s Feast Of Sacrifice). Eid’l-Adha is the 10th day of Zhul Hijja (12'th month of the Islamic calendar) and is one of two greatest feast of Islam.

The holiday announcement was made public through Proclamation No. 60 signed by our president, Benigno Noynoy PNoy Aquino III.

The proclamation was signed by the Philippine president last November 9, 2010.

The day is Tuesday which makes monday as a sandwich day. With this, it is expected for some employee to take an official leave of absence on Monday to have the long vacation. This is usually done with workers who goes home to their province.

The announcement was just circulated on our office earlier this afternoon which created cheersssss from all of my officemates that I have talked to. This is really a good news for the regular employees as it can break the usual routine, and have another rest day to take those working brain away from technical matters.

As I have said, this is a relatively good news for the regular employees where all kind of holiday means paid day. But for the contractual, this is another no-pay day for them, though some of the companies allows these employees to go to work to render overtime, which in labor law means a 1.3 pay, not bad.

Anyway, advance happy holiday to all of us!


  1. Can you confirm if it's a special or regular working holiday? Manila Bulletin said it's a regular holiday...

  2. manila bulletin on their official website said that it is a national holiday and not regular holiday.
    see it here:

  3. oh please make it clear if its a special non-working holiday or a regular holiday....coz in a copy of the proclamation posted, it was just said a national holiday.

  4. I asked our human resource department whether the november 16th of the month is a regular or a special holiday because we my supervisor is asking me to go to work on tuesday. our hr department said that it is just a plain special holiday, so i told my supervisor that "we should respect our muslim brothers" and we must not report to work on that day.

    our hr department confirmed it to the labor, so it's special holiday on us, chances are it's also on yours too.

  5. then some of my friends said that it is a regular holiday, now i am confused too.