Noli de Castro And Korina Sanchez - TV Patrol Comeback

Noli de Castro And Korina Sanchez Comes Back On TV Patrol

noli de castro korina sanchez tv patrol bandila

TV Patrol redressed as Kabayan and Korina comes back at tv patrol - bandila on monday

The comeback of Noli de Castro and Korina Sanchez on tv partol - bandila has created enough buzz for the whole country to hear.

The ex - politician / ex - vice president Noli de Castro maybe has nothing to do with his experienced life right now, that's why he will come back to broadcasting again. It leaves on the blood, a newscaster will always be a newscaster. But this time, he'll not likely to leave the studio. Kabayan is the most popular male newscaster on the country, before he left his news casting job to run as a vice president which he won.

Abs-cbn should have been eye-ing him as his term ends and as he decided not to run for presidency despite the Arroyo's urges.

About Korina Sanchez, this will become a big leap again for Korina as she will be transferred on the biggest news show of the network.

Bandila with its new news staff is known to start on Monday, November 8, 2010. The details on what would happen to the current news staffs, Karen Davilla and Julius Babao.

This move by abs-cbn is very timely as they need something new against their competition from other network, where willing willie on it's first two weeks had already made a big chunk on the viewer shares.

Of course, this would surely give a new flavor for the news show as we can hear Kabayan's voice again. I can still remember my childhood days on 90s where de Castro signals the night with his voice on 6pm news with Mel Tianco, the late Ka Kiko Evangilista and the late Ka Erni Baron.

Well, good luck for the show.


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