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khq virus , khx virus , khy virus, harakit virus

There has been an stuborn viruses that is circulating on our office. The behavior of this virus is that it spread itself on all full shared folders on the network.

The virus makes a copy of itself on a network full shared folders, but it seems that the virus only leaves a copy of itself on the root folder which is shared, and it doesn't make a duplicate of itself on the sub folders under it.

I tried right clicking the virus and select "Scan For Virus" from our anti virus software, and the scanning is just completing without any virus detected. That means that the file is not recognized as a virus by Symantec Endpoint. That's expected though since the file is only 0 kilo bytes i size.

But what strange about this file is it build up a copy of itself with different names, thus a khq, khy and khx are all on the same shared folder, all in zero bytes.

Then it creates a tacquio.exe file, which can be detected as a virus by our anti virus software when executes.

All of our computers on the office are all running an anti virus software and we're having a hard time eliminating the virus. It's not that we can reformat all 80 plus computers.

Anyway, anyone who knew how to solve the problem?

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