Jobs For Newly - Fresh Graduate - Philippines

Fresh Graduate Job Openings - Philippines

new fresh graduate job philippines

Job openings for fresh - newly graduate in the Philippines

Are you a fresh graduate and now looking for a job abroad or here in our country?
Do you just got passed the board exam and now on your job hunting season?

School days are over, it is now time to really live the real life. Yeah, the world where grown up moves the world. You are now part of the society who decides what would the future world would be. You are now belong to those who rule the world, in your own sense, that is.

Done are those days where you mostly depend on your parents, especially for monetary things. Now is the time where you need a job and use your knowledge you got from school.

That's good because this is the time where you can stand on your own, or perhaps the time where you can let others depend on you too.

I can still remember the days where I am start earning my own money that enabled me to help my family. Giving money for your parents really gives you weight for the family. You then become a very important entity of the family, and I'm sure you want to have the same attention too.

Don't worry, there are lots of company out there that are looking for newly graduate who of course deserves the job. Of course, as a fresh graduate, you can't expect any managerial positions, but you don't need to limit yourself from below average pay jobs.

Companies are always looking for talented applicants who have the potential to become a permanent stay for their organization.

And if you think yourself that you are a competent individual, then prepare ten sets of resumes and apply to all job openings you can find.

Now, where can you look for job openings? You can actually start at or, these place are the most popular jobs site for the country. They have a wide range of job openings for different positions. And the most important thing for this sites is that you can assure that the posted jobs are fresh.

With this sites, you can choose whether you want to work here on our country or you immediately wants to go abroad and work like a pro. Though I can always see fresh graduate who immediately work overseas if they have their relatives on that company or at least a family member who is also working on that same country.

Anyways, having said all that, all you need to do now is to prepare your resume and some credentials. Just a little advice though, don't overdo your application forms, and that includes your resume and certificates.

What I mean is that you must avoid putting anything excess on your resume. Remember that this is the first impression that your employer would gonna get. Telling that you have a certificate of attendance for a particular one-day seminar would just dilute your overall impact. That is why it is important to get to the point. And just in case, don't even think about applying with your availability field is on next month. Just a reminder, because I saw someone who did this.

So that's it, good luck to your new life.

UPDATE: I have absolutely nothing against call centers, but please be reminded that being a call center agent is not the only enticing jobs you can immediately hop on as a fresh garudate. There's a lot of companies out there where you can exercise your real profession based on your degree. Again, I have NOTHING against call center, but you didn't spent your four years or so to just to get a job where speaking a fluent foreign language is the only/major requirements.

Again, good luck.


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