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My i People Project

A study about i People

As an internet savvy person that I am, I usually surf the internet, trying to find something interesting that would occupy my idle time.

Only earlier, I found out on Google adwords : keyword tool the keyword 'i people'. It surprised me a bit knowing that the monthly search volume is on one million.

Here is a screenshot that show what kind of mine is this keyword:

Is this true? Is this keyword really that sought much? So I made a little investigation, I tried searching the key "i people" on google search itself. But I found no relevant reason on why this search term is so popular - according to google.

The search engine result page doesn't give any logical reason on why should anyone search this phrase a million times in average globally. What I found are just some irrelevant webpages that is obviously not a reason on why this phrase is popular.

Even the competition is too low, as you can see on the screenshot below, the competition for this keyword is low to none.
This made me wonder on how the google adwords : keyword tool really works.

Is my understanding on this interface is wrong? If Google said "Global Monthly Search", those it mean another thing? I know I'm not born with an American tongue, but is it really that confusing that I mistakenly regard it literally?

I'm not actually sure, but I made this post to test whether some traffic will be redirected on this post in regards to the "i people" phrase. Hey, it's an average one million searches, some traffic should get in here, because the ranked webpage doesn't seems to heavily targeted this keyword.

I don't know, but I made this post to test if I understand the word "Global Monthly Search" right.

This is my 'i people' project, I'll be back with the result.


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