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How To Pasaload On Sun Cellular Network Philippines

how to pasaload on sun cellular network

Pasaload using sun cellular network Philippines - sun pasaload

Smart and globe have their own pasaload, fortunately for sun cellular's subscribers, they also have their own.

Sun cellular network here in the Philippines that the pasaload market is just too huge to ignore. First, pasaloaders is charge by doing the pasaload transaction and secondly, the pasaloadee will immediately use the load transferred for him.

It's like a double edge sword that slices every users, though aware, the very reason that this service came in existence is because we need it right?

So here are the steps you should do in order to do pasaload if you have the sun sim on your mobile phone.

Sun Cellular Pasaload Instructions

Step 1.) Text amount (P1- P20) 11-digit mobile number

Step 2.) Send to 2292

Example: 10 09226069444

The pasaload amount can either be from one peso to twenty pesos, increment by one peso. This confirms that sun cellular is really very very affordable isn't it? Not like smart's and globe's pasaload where the pasaload amounts are on fix transfer.

Relatively, you can ask a load if you are a sun subscriber.

here's what you need to do to ask a load on sun network.

Sun Cellular Ask A Load Instructions

Step 1.) Type In GIMME
Step2.) send to 2293

Example: GIMME 09226069444

Note that you can still do ask a load even you don't have a load.

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