Bonus Of Government Employees Philippines

Bonus or 13'th Month Pay Of Government Employees

Bonus of government employees is scheduled to be release on November 15, 2010.

by: Aegis

La la la…

Sa tuwing darating ang kapaskuhan
Ang Christmas bonus, ating inaasahan
Sa mga kumpanyang pinagta-trabahuan

Kaya’t ibigay n’yo na
Ang aming Christmas bonus
Pati na ang 13th month pay
Para lahat okey na okey

Kay sarap makatanggap ng Christmas bonus
Para bang problema mo’y na-hocus-pocus
Pambili ng regalo, panghanda sa lahat ng gastos
Halos solve ng lahat kung may Christmas bonus

Kaya’t ibigay n’yo na
Ang aming Christmas bonus
Nang maging maligaya tayong lahat
Sa araw ng pasko

[Repeat CHORUS 1]
[Repeat 1st stanza]
[Repeat CHORUS 1]
[Repeat CHORUS 2]

Kaya’t ibigay n’yo na
Ang aming Christmas bonus
Nang maging masagana
Ang pagsalubong sa bagong taon

[Repeat CHORUS 1]

How's that for a post intro?

Good news! The government employees can expect their christmas bonuses on November 15, 2010.

The Department of Budget and Management (DBM) announced on Friday that all government employees can have their 13'th month pay on the middle of this month.

Kuya Kim-like Kaunting Kaalaman
Did you know that the term bonus and 13'th month pay are usually used interchangeably. But technically speaking, bonus is different from 13'th month pay. Though these two is commonly received by employees somewhere in December, but according to law, all employer should (not may) give their employees a thirteenth month pay.

This means that all employees on all sectors are entitled to receive a one month full pay after every end of the month.

But bonuses is not covered by the law, which makes it an optional matters on the company's full discretion. The bonus is then given based on the management decisions. This makes it both objective and subjective.

Objective, because the top management determines if the company is in capable of giving such benefits. And if it can, the price will greatly vary depending on the employees position, contributions and performance for the entire year.

Subjective, because just like any other human being, management have brains that think variably. This means that aside from your documented achivements and contributions to the company, the managers themselves evaluates each employee based on his own perception to his employee.

But whatever it is, going back to the topic. All government employees can expect their extra pay on the middle week of November.

With that, paburger ka naman dyan.!


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