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Is Avatar The Movie Part 2 A Reality ?

avatar part 2 two

Is there really a avatar part 2 ?

With the avatar's success, it's been an instinct to expect that the part two of the movie should (not may) be created soon. Most people even talks about part three.

But let's talk about part two first.

Avatar, as officially regarded as the most expensive and the most profitable movie as of today is expected to hit the big screen soon. They really should, because if they did, the free publicity has been already armed for their benefits.

The only question is: "What's in store for us". Knowing that all shows must circle on a certain problem to be resolve. Avatar's story ended up where humans, the sky people, were forced to fly back on earth. With that, what's remain for the part 2?

Will the heartless earthlings get back to the pandora with a stronger force machinery and guns, and with a more trained humans? After five years maybe?

Who knows, but whatever it is, this is something we all want to see very soon.

Meanwhile, here is an officially unofficial trailer video for the Avatar Part 2 made by E-magination youtube channel


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