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Willing Willie Show Review

willing willie revillame review tv5

Talking about Willie Revillame's New Willing Willie Show At TV5


Willing Willie is the newest show of TV5 network and the controversial host actor Willie Revillame. I am currently watching the show right now, and here are some of the things that I noticed about the show.

Here are the things that I would like to say, in no particular order.

First, it's really a very familiar show to watch with. It looks very much like Wowowee, the set is very very Wowowee alike, from the shape of the center stage up to how the audiences seats were arranged.

The cast is also very familiar since Willie Revillame brought his original dancers from Wowowee, that includes Milargring, PBB's Sassy and Congratulations. DJ cookie and Willie's accomplice - Owen is also there.

Willie of fortune is still one of the game segment of the show. I believe that this is a right move since Willie of fortune is a significant signature Wowowee had.

I also like the game segment entitled "Family Aphir" (not sure of the spelling). This game asks family members to pop-up a ballon placed on other family member's lap. It's a little funny seeing them bouncing crazily. Nice move here, I think.


One thing that is very noticeable, Willie needs to work alone for the whole show since he doesn't have his co-host yet. DJ Mo is with him but his job is just to introduce contestants, and to sign off the show every before the commercial.

Willie really needs work really hard for this not just because he doesn't have his own co-host yet but because his own Wil Production co-produce the show. But I bet the search for his co-host is currently hot on.

One thing that pull the show down is the sounds effects. Wowowee is a lot more superb if it comes on sounds effects. Willing Willie's sounds staff should redress their sounds effects for the show, something more lively and energetic.

I also wants to talk about the commercial, commercial is too few for a big show like this. Not like the shows of abs-cbn who are known to have a very loong commercial break. I think that the producers knew this, the show is still new and they are still on the luring stage for the sponsors.

In conclusion, many of us Filipino hates Willie's personality, but with the show's energy and the host's controversial name, I think that this Willing Willie show will be rated high.

Some say that Willie is a ego-centric maniac person, but that's overshadowed by his skill on game hosting. I personally don't like how Mr. Revillame's dumped his obligation on his previous job, it's very unprofessional. But saying all that, I can't deny that Willie has a great gift of entertaining the masses.

But it's just that I can notice that there is some kind of "Pilit" atmosphere from the show. This will subside as time goes by, I guess and I hope.

First, there's no more pilit ambiance on the Willing Willie studio, everyone's at home now. two thumbs up!

Here are the contact numbers and email for Willing Willie reservation. The telephone number is 355-55-30 and the email is willingwillie@ymail.com. I believe that this reservation means that you need to pay for the vip seat at the front.

UPDATE: January 5, 2011 - DJ Mo Twister earlier announced that having a reservation is free. Though he doesn't elaborated which seats are free because the front seat seems like not free. It is on the front and the chair looks like for VIPs and the persons sitting there looks all rich. But what's nice about DJ Mo's announcement is that you can have a free reservation, good news for the groups who will come from far provinces.


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