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Willing Willie At Channel 5 Got Aired

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Willie Revillame's Willing Willie was aired despite legal implications.

Our family routine every weekend is to watch Talentadong Pinoy at tv5. With this, we usually watch the show before it, it was Who Wants TO Be A Millionare before, but last night was different.

Willing Willie got aired, showcasing the original staff of Wowowee from abs-cbn channel 2, that includes the dancers, and staffs like Wendel, dj cookie (spelling unsure) and of course, Mr Willie Revillame himself.

Despite legal implications, Willie Revillame had survived every legal actions from abs-cbn authorities to stop him airing his new show. This of course would result for a new case that abs-cbn will file to court, which I professionally guess had been long prepared by abs-cbn's lawyers.

But who would stop Willie Revillame? Not this time where his own owned production, the Wil Production, co-produced the whole show with tv channel 5, which was reportedly cost 200 million for the initial construction of the show's set.

Willing Willie started their pilot show with a big bang, giving away 500 thousand for the contestants. Yes, no typo there, that's really five hundred thousand hard cash, not tax free of course, but that is really something. Wil productions and tv 5 management really want this first show's episodes to get attention from press people, and they surely had planned that this 500 million would be mentioned, and e just did here, simply because it deserves to be. Five hundred thousand is very uncommon for a tv show to give.

Will this new show get rated? We're not sure, but what I can personally forsee is tv5 will have a hard time making this show available to the public, because the airing capability of the station is very limited on free air. Free air means the signal reception of televisions that doesn't have cable connections, which mostly composed of Willie's target market audiences.

TV 5 gave Willie Revillame their best time slot, making his show air on prime time, from 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm. This time slot is a lot better on a noon show because this is when all people are at home.

Will Willie keep his ratings? Well, that's something we will watch, along with abs-cbn cases that will surely appear like mushrooms. Now that was two shows that will keep the Philippine media busy.

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