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where to play counter strike online

Where to play counter strike online

If you are a gamer, you should have tried playing counter strike. Playing it on local area network (LAN) against your friends is the best way to do this. But if you don't have friends around, you might have want to play it online too.

Of course you can play against bots, but this pre-programmed opponents doesn't give you the real thrill that you are used to have. Though the game bots' skill level can be adjusted to god-mode, nothing can beat the experience of having played it against the real breathing human.

So if you're just alone, you might want to go online and play it against your fellow loners who have nothing but a computer and internet connection on your room. Yeah, it's too late to go out or to have friends around, it's just you and your computer with internet connection.

So here are some ways that will let you play counter strike online.


Step 1.) Get yourself a original CS (Anthology pack ) this cost around four hundred to five hundred US dollars.

Step 2.) Go to any Steam Powered site, then click on Get steam now (free download) to download the client program.

Step 3.) Once you have finished downloading the application, install it.

Step 4.) Create a free account.

Step 5.) Go to Settings then activate your account by entering your product key that u got with your original CS pack.

Step 6.) Start the game by launching the game application, then click on "Find Servers". Join any game room, once you are accepted by the room's moderator, you can now play against real human opponents. Enjoy !


If you're a hard core gamer, you must have heard waht garena is. But just in case, garena is a gaming client applications that connects all gamers around the globe. Once the application is installed it creates a LAN-like connection between the gamers. This session is maintained by the garena client application and is used by popular networking games like call of suty, warcraft and many more.

Now, here are the procedure to do this.

Step 1.) Download and install garena client here.

Step 2.) After installing the client, you need to create an account on the official garena website.

Step 3.) After you had created your own account from garena's website, run the installed application, and use your username and password to login.

Step 4.) Go to Settings and choose the h1.exe file in the game exe area.

Step 5.) After this, go to lobby and select counter strike 1.6 and join your own country room. Selecting your own country's room is advisable because the connection is a lot faster.

Step 6.) Start the game from the client application

Step 7.) Once you are on the game, go to Console Window by pressing ~ (tilde) on your keyboard (it is below the esc key, just on the upper right) and then type SLIST on the drop down window. Available servers then will appear with numbers along with them. You can join any servers by typing CONNECT followed by the server's position. For example if you want to connect to the server on the fourth position, you will type in CONNECT 4.

If everything seems to be a little slow and juttery, exit to the current game and try joining other rooms.


counter strike online flash games
This is lame (and a little stupid too), but if you just want to kill the time and play without your brain, you can head on online and search for a counter strike flash games. There are lot of flas game developers out there that published their work and enables you to play for free.

Advantage of this is game is:
1.) You will never run out of opponent - that's for sure
2.) Once the swf file is loaded, you can be sure that you can play the game smoothly.
3.) Most of the game are too small that it permits you to play even with slow internet connection.

So that's some way to play counter strike online. If you decided to try playing this game with the real human opponents, please make sure that your internet connection is stable to ensure that there is nothing wrong on your end.

Have you tried playing counter strike online? or do you know any other way playing it online other than the methods I mentioned above? If so, please be generous to share it with us by commenting below.


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