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What Is Smart Bro Pocket Wifi Package?

smart bro pocket wifi

New smart Telecommunication's wifi device

Smart never stops introducing new services. True indeed as they just recently introduces their new wifi device that would enable you to get wifi access point anywhere you go.

This is of course possible if you are carrying their new wifi device that is very portable you can put it on your pocket. This pocket wifi acts like an access point where wireless devices use to get an internet access.

The main edge is the term "pocket", where users have this small thing on them to get a wifi signal.

And if you are wondering about the power supply, it came with a rechargeable battery that can be plugin on autovolt.

Now here are some things you want to know about Smart Bro Pocket Wifi:
- Plan 495 for 50 hours
- Initial cash out of Php 495, plus Php 150 for the unit
- You can have up to 2 Mbps, or up to 5 connections
- You can get free additional 5 hours if you pay your bills on time
- In excess of allotted hours, normal rates will apply which is Php 10 per 30 minutes

Connection is available in 4G, 3G, HSDPA or even GPRS if the signal won't that strong, but smart wouldn't tell you that of course. Being on your pocket and being mobile means that the signal will really vary from time to time. That is why it is very hard to find an accurate and definite review online on how this thing really performs even if it is a first hand review from the most techie guy on the country.

My advice is not to literally put it on your jeans pocket but somewhere where the devices can breath. Not that I am treating it as something living where it needs oxygen but being an IT person that I am, signal can transmit on and from wireless devices if it doesn't have any obstacles, and leather is considerable a signal absorver at it is not an ideal matter where sounds nor signal can bounce on linearry.

Polo's pocket though is can be consider as a good alternative location where this device can be kept, or just put it on your shoulder bag if you're a girl or in a hand bag if you're a man.

But if you are a type of a person who isn't fan of carrying anything and on the jeans' pocket is the only place you can stuff this device (unless you want to hand carry this device), you can pop it up a little to allow signal-breathing.

As you can see from the image above, it is sized like a big mobile phone, about the size of a full grown (how was that for an adjective) hand palmn.

With this you can be a walking wifi hot spot.

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