The Tale Of A Stupid Blogger

A Short Story Of A Stupid Blogger

In order to preserve his true identity, let us hide him with the screen name of Nwel. So this is a story on why this blogger 'Nhoel' felt stupid after years of blogging, and let's start.

Nwel is a guerilla blogger, meaning that his blog doesn't have a niche, he just write what he feels right to write. Being a guerilla blogger, he usually research for high traffic keyword with high competition. Yes, you heard it write, not typo there, it's not high traffic - low competition but high traffic - high competition.

This is where Nwel realized his so stupid after all those years and after all those posts he had wrote.

Here is one example.

Nwel searched for a high traffic potential keyword about nurse, cutting the story short, he got this on google adword keyword tool page:
Google keyword external adwords
With this, he decided to write an article about Registered Nurse Programs, because he thought that it is a high-traffic keyword with high-advertisement-competition.

That made it funny, he thought that the competition column is the advertisers competing for that particular keyword / phrase. Only to discover yesterday that it is the web and blog owner who is competing on that spot.

Funny isn't it?

With all his efforts to make traffic, only to discover that he is doing it all wrong, the total opposite. He really deserves the title of this post.

But Nwel said that it is okay. At least he learned something.

Lesson learned though:
Always read the content and never jump into any of your assumptions, learn to learn and unlearn.

Blogsphere, here comes a more equipped Nwel.


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