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How To Have Unlimited Sun On Plants vs Zombies

plants vs zombies cheat unlimited sun

Cheat engine to have unlimited or infinite sun for plants vs zombies game

Of course you know plants vs zombies games right? Who doesn't know this very popular flash games from pop cup?

I can still remember the day where I first saw this flash games. I had my computer since college but I never found any video or computer games addicting nor enticing for that matter. But when I saw this plants vs zombies game, I tried trying playing it because it's everyone's talk at the office.

So being a trending topic of my officemates, I forced myself playing it, no one wants to get out of place right? So I asked for a copy from one of my office mates, installed it on my precious laptop (games never had touch my hp laptop by the way, except the default bill had installed). After installing I tried playing it.

The game is so easy to learn even for a beginner like me, not to mention that no one is couching me or told me how to play it. The game is simple, plants fight against zombies.

It's a little addictive, requiring me to go home early just to continue playing the game. It's a little challenging trying to win, with the entertaining sounds effects and childish graphics.

But I found it hard playing the game when it is on the night mode. The day time let you to grab some falling suns, but not on night where no suns are falling.

So being a born cheater that I am (kidding), I tried searching on how can I have an unlimited or infinite sun for this plants vs zombies games. I heard that even those hard core games can be cheated and crack, so how much more for a simple flash games like this. There should be someone, a hacker, who had made a cheat applications of some kind that would enable us, cheaters, to have an infinite sun for this game.

Because I felt that cheating this game will not decrease the thrill in playing, because it's damn hard still. It's not that I want to have a magic bullet that can kill all of my opponents, but I just want to have something that can give a little hand or assistance. So no guilt here.

And I tried looking for a cheat codes.

What I'm actually looking for is some kind of hidden commands with some passwords on it. But what I found is a tutorial which required you to install a crack engine. Yeah, download and install then run. That alone made me think twice, being a computer techie that I am, I never permits anything about software installation on my computer. An unknown program from no company name written by some hackers.

That alone made me skeptical on trying the cheats trick. Not to mention that the steps required to do it is more than five, ten steps actually.

And going further to the tutorial post's comments, most of the commenter said that it is not working, well to be fair, one said that it works but his identity is questionable. I think that the blog owner herself just added that comment.

So in conclusion, no cheat really works for plants versus zombies games.

It is really better to play the game without using any cheat engines.Hidden commands though can still be permitted but not using any cheat engines.

Playing the games on your own is still a lot better because this will be more rewarding for your self.

Anyway, here is a tutorial video I found on youtube about them saying that this cheat codes really works.

This steps is not guaranteed to work, but some testimonial said they made it working.

In order to do this, just like any other cheating trick, you need a cheat engine, this time we will user Cheat Engine 5.6 – Download it on this location, click here.

How To Get Unlimited / Infinite Sun In 10 Easy Steps

Step 1.) Open-Run Plants vs Zombies game and the Cheat Engine 5.6 that you previously downloaded

Step 2.) On the Cheat Engine 5.6, you should see a blinking icon, click it. After clicking, you should see a pop-up window, choose popcap1game.exe or plantsvszombies.exe, whichever is available.

Step 3.) Go back to the Planys vs Zombies game, take note of the current number of sun that you have, take note that you are not playing the game yet.

Step 4.) On the CE 5.6, On the hex box, you should see it at the top area of the window, put the number of suns that you have from the PvsZ game. Then click on First Scan.

Step 5.) After the first scan is finish, go back to the Plants vs Zombies game and start the game, add some plants on your lawn. Your sun number should increase by then, pause the game and take note again the new number of suns that you now have

Step 6.) Go back to the Cheat Engine 5.6. Put the number of suns that you have from your previous game on the hex box., then click on Next Scan.

Step 7.) After clicking on the Next Scan, a window should pop-up showing an Address and a Value parameters.

Step 8.) Click on the number below the Value parameter. Clicking this will show a table at the bottom aprt of the window. On the table, click on the number right under the Value parameter.

Step 9.) This is the step that you are waiting for. After clicking on the number from the previous step, a box should appear. Change the value to the number of suns you want to have in the game. Click OK.

Step 10.) Furthermore, being more evil that you are. You can extend your cheating by ticking on the Frozen Box if you want that number of suns remain throughout the game.

Here is a youtube video that I found doing this hack.

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  1. well i tried it and it worked. tho i do not know for sure if the program itself is harmful too the computer

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    please help me!

  3. thats dumb. i can't even understand it!

  4. I don't understand? I started in 1-1 and i have 150 stars in start then i put 150 then first scan and planted a peashooter which costs 100 and 50 left, so i put 50 and next scan but there's no address.............

  5. Google can help you find Where can you download CE