Jehzlau Concepts Free LED Video Board Ad Contest Entry

There will be no SEO-ing on this post, no h1 or h2 tags which I normally do on my posts. This article will be my entry for Jehzlau Concepts' Free LED Video Board Ad Contest, oops, sorry for repeating that again, not for keyword hijacking, promise.

Anyway, here is my shot

I want to display my blog on that led video board because I want to gain more visitors. Since more visitors is parallel to my online earnings, I want to earn enough to quit my office job and to CONCENTRATE IN BLOGGING. Blogging, this is really where I belong. I'm heading there, but please take me closer.

That's it, not a heroic type or a public service motive, all about myself - just direct to the point.

Bless Black Friday deal for making this contest possible.


  1. thanks for joining! im making a final review of the entries now.. :)

  2. thanks for dropping by Jehzlau :)

  3. ei salamat sa pag bisita sa blog ko hehe, and congratz satin:D