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This Shampoo Ended My Long Quest For Anti Dandruff Shampoo

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Clear anti dandruff shampoo review

I use gel on my hair, I never left home without putting gel. But putting gel on my hair gives me a dandruff-like gel flakes that are mostly falling on my shoulder. Though it is definitely not a real dandruff in its technical classification, but gel-flakes are nothing but a dandruff for other people.

So I tried all dandruff shampoo commercially available on our country, Philippines. But unfortunately, all of the promises I heard went to nothing. Guard, head & shoulder, sunsilk and even used conditioners, but nothing removed my gel flakes.
I’m taking a bath everyday but I just can’t beat the gel flakes.

But when the Clear shampoo arrived on our country, I immediately tried it. On my surprise, I immediately noticed the big difference. For the whole day, I never had any gel flakes on my hair, not like before where gel flakes are falling from my head even with a little hand comb.

Clear shampoo is like a magic, seriously speaking. I never thought that a heavy gel users like me can have a flakes-free hair on the whole day. Good thing that the clear shampoo boosted its entrance on the country with its superb marketing strategy, getting big named celebrities at once on its commercials.

Since then until now, I’m still a clear shampoo user, a very loyal one. This is maybe because the ingredients doesn’t change, it’s not like it’s good for its first months but degrades after having known and making sales. Clear shampoo is still what it is since the first time I used it. My favorite is the dark blue colored shampoo.

Five stars for me, try it and see it for yourself.

Note: This is not a commercial post, I am not in any way connected or affiliated with this shampoo company. I am just a real, unpaid proof that says “Hey, it is effective on me, maybe to you too”.


  1. maybe you can comeback here for your own testimonial.
    it would be nice if i can hear from others too.

  2. galing naman ng review mo sir.
    talagang pinagkabalahan mo, thanks for bothering!

  3. one product may work best for some, not for everyone. Clear WORSENED my dandruff, now i find it very hard to get rid of it.

    head and shoulders and and gard works for the first few days but dandruff recurs in the succeeding days.

    nizoral worked best for me but it's not available in the market anymore.