Cebu Pacific Airline Dancing Flight Attendant Video

Flight Attendant Dancing Video At Cebu Pacific Airlines

cebu pacific airlines dancing flight attendant video

Cebu pacific new gimiks on each of their flights

Who wouldn't want to have a nice trip while traveling? Now, Cebu pacific is trying to give you just that!

Introducing their new business gimik, the Dancing Flight Attendants.

News said that they are real flight attendants and not just some dancers picked mall dancing crews. One reason of anyone's raised eyebrows is the doubt that they are not real flight attendants, rather they are some dancer took from some clubs from the metro, well that's our talk, at least. This is because they are da*n do hot.

The video was uploaded on youtube on September 30, 2010 and since this writing, the video was already got an exactly 5,117,341 views, now wasn't that something?! Cebu Pacific Airline really hit it this time. This gimik really spread on the whole country by storm, which gives them an absolutely free advertisements.
cebu pacific dancing flight attendant

Talking about advertisement, abs-cbn tv patrol just recently featured these dancing flight attendants. What made it nicer is that Marc Logan did the reporting, which again proved that this is something Filipinos loves.

And to put cherry on an already tasty ice cream, local bloggers on the Philippines had started racing to get juicy traffic using the keyword "Dancing Flight Attendant Of Cebu Pacific Airlines". Yeah, yeah, this blog is one of them, hey at least you are assure that this is not a spam, huh? Take that spammers!

This gimik is really awesome. Who wouldn't want to see beautiful slash sexy girls dancing a meter away from your seat? And not to mention that they are not just some kind of girls, rather they are professional flight stewardess.
dancing flight attendant video

How I hope flight instruction can be longer than the actual flight? Say 30 minutes, well how about that! That would be like you're about to take a flight on heaven, isn't it?

Now here's the actual video this giggling girls and the video on their rehearsal.


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