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Thin Client Computing – Client And Server

thin client

Thin client as the name implies is literally the opposite of fat client. Thin client is the idea of computer terminals where the basic components, hardware and software, are not present on the client terminals.

Thin client computer uses a solid state box instead of a traditional bulky cpu. This means that almost all mechanical components are removed, like optical drives, fans and hard drives. Relatively, the common idea of software installation is not done on thin client computing.

Thin client mostly relies on network capability of the computers. Since there are no traditionally installed softwares, operating system and other applications, thin client computers boots on a server, also all applications run on these client computers are accessed from a server. This means that all transactions are done via network, that would mean that all actions on input devices, (mouse, keyboards, joystick, etc.) are all sent to the server.

With all the instructions sent to the server, the server then will do all the processing and computations, then will send the results back to the thin client computers via output devices.

One of the advantages of thin client is the maintenance of thin client computers since the traditional computers have a lot of parts to maintain.

Also, since thin client has a fewer components and uses solid state technology, thin client is a lot more energy saving. Below is a sample video that shows energy consumption of a regular computer and a thin client pc.

Security is also one of the main advantages of this technology. Since all thin client computers don’t have a hard drive, all data is stored on a server. This makes all data secured in case that the thin client computers are stolen or damaged.

Also, lower cost of ownership is one of the major considerations for using this technology.

With this idea, hardware manufacturers had long raced for the thin client market. One should evaluate all hardware solutions that would cater your variable needs.

Meanwhile, here is a basic video tutorial discussing the idea of thin client computing.

In conclusion, mentioned above are some of the basic advatages of thin client computing. That it basically relies on network rather than a traditional computer which bloatly stands on its own.


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