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Smart's Utang A Load Emergency Service

smart utang a load borrow credit

Smart's smart move - now you can borrow or credit a load anytime

Smart's "Utang a Load" (not the official name) is a very practical service feature for all Filipinos. Now, all smart network's subscriber which includes talk n text can borrow 4 pesos to smart network.

The borrowed amount will be paid on the next regular load of the user. This feature service is very suitable for Philippines market since most Filipinos who own cellphones are below the C level, which are known to value every single peso.

This feature is even better with smart's "Ask a Load" feature where you can request a load from a friend.

This service feature is also very useful in emergency purposes. I can text my friend who does eloading with this great feature service.

User just need to dial *767 and press the call button and a four pesos load will be automatically loaded to your number.

One restriction though, smart's Utang a Load can only use once. User needs to pay the debt before using the emergency service again.

This is a comeback service of smart network, this service was made available before.

And for you information FYI, *767 stands for SOS in our keypad, now who would thought of that, pretty amazing huh? :)

But as good as it may, this service will only last until November 16, 2010. Yeah, hope this will last forever.
Comment on below to shout your voices, a petition for smart. Hey, you found this blog, they'll surely find this too.

Anyways, here are some of the situation that you may use this very helpful service.
An elementary approach, skip this if you want, naaaah... you wont.
1.) You are tooooo lazy going to the nearest eloading station on your area.
2.) The loading station is too far from your current place.
3.) You are new to your current location and you don't know where is the loading station.
4.) You are on a vehicle traveling.
5.) It's midnight and no loading station is available right now.
6.) You are about to trash that sim card anyway.
7.) What the heck, you just want to try this.