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Why Not To Use Removewat On Your Windows 7 PC

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Windows 7 was hacked by running removewat.exe

Microsoft should be warned, a friend told me about how to break windows 7's security by using removewt.exe which is freely downloadable from the net. This exe cracked software can bypass windows 7 "Genuine Detection" capability.

With removewat.exe, a user can download updates from microsoft's website and can still use the operaating system after 30 days, the trial period of windows 7.

I have seen this work, though you most of the times need to run the program several times to succeed installing it.

But you should not use Removewat.exe on your windows 7 pc.

Do not download removewat.exe for free or paid.

Why you ask.

This is because removewat.exe is made by hackers (obviously). What this crack does is it opens a backdoor to your computer which steals information as you use your computer.

And before you'd ask, yes, even if you have legitimate anti-virus installed.

Are you thinking that hackers will just give away free tips?

That would mean that you will just expose your important information like your username and passwords (just to name a few) on all of your transactions.

I said to my first sentence that microsoft should be warned becasue someone or some group had able to bypass their newest OS, but this psot is made to warn users too.

Now would you still use removewat.exe?
At least you now knew the risk.

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