President Noynoy Aquino Ate Hotdog On New York

Philippines President Noynoy Aquino Took Lunch On A Hotdog Stand

PNoy on New York City - ate hotdog sandwich as lunch with his cabinet members

Yes you are right, it's not Gloria.

Philippines president Benigno Noynoy / PNoy Aquino III was reported to have eaten a plain hotdog sandwich poured with a juicy ketchup on New York's street as his and his cabinets' lunch.

According to news, the president paid their lunch from his own pocket which cost him 45 US dollars. This is much far from the previous president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo whom her and her cabinet members had their dinner that cost 20,000 US dollars. One of her cabinet member though shouldered the blame, admitting that he paid for it and not Gloria, but who would believe that right?

Anyway, back to the cool mode, there are lots of reaction about the current president's gesture of eating from New York's street. Some likes it, saying that the president is so down to earth that even a president will eat a hotdog sandwich and hamburger as a lunch. Some on the other hand said that this is just a plain publicity.

Now, this is my blog and lucky for me because I can shout out my opinion here. What I personally think is this is a good sign for a country's president. I can even see him on tv pulling his own chair for himself and not letting his guard do it for him. He even seems like racing with the guard on who would pull his seat first.

Of course they are all aware that there are media tagging along with them but what I think is the president is just trying to be himself on that afternoon.

Hey, he and his cabinets did not spent millions aren't they? And that's what all of this is all about.

Meanwhile here's a video I got from youtube regarding this news.


  1. i agree with you. and i am happy that the president is doing his best to change the bad image we have from the previous president that ran this country. people will always have something to say. but at the end of the day, as long as he is not spending tax money for his own good, then my support is with him. for the people who can't seem to find anything good in noynoy, ask yourself this, would you be able to change the philippines on your own? are you even sure that you're a better person than president noynoy is? we are all imperfect people. but there are those who try to make themselves better, and there are those who make other people look worse so they can feel better about themselves.

  2. yeah, and on my generation (im 28 by the way) he's the most credible president. i never imagine a president can be like "the normal ego-less guy".

    i thought that presidents are totally unreachable and power-hungry persons. he proved me (us) wrong, i think i was just too traumatized with gloria.

  3. i think i want to eat hotdog..