PRC Official Website Is Down, Hacked?

Philippines Regulation Commision PRC Official Website Is Down

prc website is down
The Philippines Regulation Commission's official website is down, or is it hacked?

With thousands scheduled examinees that are waiting for their board exam results and room assignments this month of September, the PRC's official website is down for about five days now.

I've been trying to surf to the government's website using all popular browsers and from multiple ip addresses but to no avail, the PRC site is really down.

They should fix it, right away. This is what I'm imagining the scheduled examinees are shouting. If I am the one of the examinees, I will also be worried or maybe panicking.

One question arose, has it also been hacked? Well, that is a common thing to Philippines government's website. I believe that being hacked is the smartest excuse on situations like this because they can't say that the bandwidth were exceeded. Bandwidth exceeded, now that is funny.

But having a down website is not funny, the should fix it soon.


  1. When will be the result for LET on Sept. 26,2010? what website may I visit? Thanks!

  2. LET Board result will be posted at this page:
    as soon as the PRC released the list of passers.
    please stay tuned.