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naruto tagalog filipino version
Last last day, an idea came to my mind about naruto manga. I thought that maybe I can create a site that offers naruto manga in tagalog version. Well, that was a cool idea, I thought.

Knowing that there are also may Filipino fans of naruto manga, I thought that it will be an instant hit. I had imagine myself having that blog with ads on it. Of course I can't use google adsense there because it's illegal to publish a manga online, but I was thinking an ad space on that blog.

Surely, the money will roll in.

Well, that was the initial thought, and then there's a second.

I thought that it will be an instant hit because I am the only one who will bother to do it. Until I found out that there is already an existing blog that does just like that.

Though the blog that I'm talking about is very outdated, having his latest manga translation in chapter 429. But what made me realized that this idea wouldn't take me any far is because of these reasons.

This is my plan before, I start with the latest manga chapter, then translate everything backwards. And after I got 50 chapters, I will purchase a domain, I was thinking of, then I'll just use for the web-host.

So I tried translated the latest chapter, but to my surprise, it's a lot harder than I thought it to be. Though the idea is simple, I'll erase the english translation and type-in my own tagalog translation, and done.

Well, that's easy to say, but I complained after just doing two pages. It's not that I'm very impatient, because I am, trust me. It's just that it involves a lot lot lot of work.

We are not like the Japanese who seems to have like their own language on a comics. We, Filipinos have this some kind of mentality that we find it corny using our own language on most of what we do.

For instance, we never say "Liko Sa Kanan" but we say "Left Turn". It's not a joke, but it's corny reading "Istasyon Ng Pulisya" rather than "Police Station". It is really more acceptable reading english than tagalog on printed materials.

It's not like the Japanese who uses ichibi (ichi means one), nibi (ni means two), sanbi (san means three), yonbi (yon means four), gobi (go means five), and the same thing applied on the moster beast that follows, rokubi, nanabi, hachibi and naruto's kyuubi who have nine tails.

If you'll gon'na translate it to tagalog, then it will be halimaw na mag isang buntot or isang buntot. Now wasn't that corny?

With this, I think that my will have to wait for now.

Note: I used the term Tagalog instead of Filipino as refer to the official language of the Philippines.

UPDATE: By the way, here's a sample of my translated page:


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