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Pitch your idea contest winners of

I blogged this before and it is entitled "Win iPAD Contest -".

The contest said that the winners for the contest will be post on their page after September 15, 2010.

Cutting the story short, I made a brain storming with myself thinking for a very effective way on how can help jobseekers to get a job.

So, I made an bout five ideas. Filled and submit the form. With those ideas, I longed wait for the day to come where I can see my name on the winners' page. said that the winnes will be selected after September 15, 2010. When September 16 came, I was so excited, nervously hoping to win. Honestly, it's a little disappointing knowing that no winners has been selected yet. But I knew that I am just becoming impatient and obviously assuming.

This is because their website said that no winners was selected yet and that the result will be posted after September 15, 2010. As of now, September 18, no winners has been selected yet.

But I knew that we can't do anything but to wait and hope that our idea was selected. Maybe the participants are too many than expected that they have extended the allotted review time.

Please bookmark this page as this will be updated as soon as the winners has been officially selected by jobstreet's people.

Here are the list of the contest's winners.

64GB iPad Winners

1.) Mr Teoh Seet Heng
Selangor, Malaysia

2.) Dr Chin Chong Rich

3.) Mr Dominic Eslava
Manila, Philippines

4.) Ms Evlin Marcelline

5.) Mr Reynald S. Francisco
San Pedro Laguna, Philippines

16GB iPod Touch Winners

1.) Mr Koh Choong Yik
Selangor, Malaysia

2.) Dr John Paul Ritz A Fabella
Manila, Philippines

3.) Mr Khairl Anuar Abd Aziz
Melaka, Malaysia

Okay, these are the official list of the winners. It's so sad that I am not listed. And if you're not, don't even think about it, it was long stated on their "Terms And Conditions" that appeals will not be entertained.

I'm just not sure if DTI should intervene in here. Just wondering if they have DTI permit since this is a kind of a commercial promotion. Think I need to proceed to DTI's website to check more on this.

Yeah, I'm bitter, I admit. I sent about five ideas that I hardly thought and which I believed are credible and winnable. So what happened?

I'm bitter, so what? This just proves I'm human.

Anyway, congratulations to the winners.

(and I'm heading somewhere)


  1. Haha! How come you now have the list and Jobstreet still to post it? Thanks anyhow!

  2. You seems to forgot typing some words.
    but im over with loosing now.
    they are just better ideas, that's what this is all about.
    congratulations again for the winners!

  3. Yes, It was disappointing. But then, it's a contest so will try it again. So, I wish you could post more on legit contest online.

  4. I didn't win, too. But what will really piss me off is if they proceed to implement an idea that I thought of and sent, claiming it as their own.

  5. Really? can you please elaborate this czar?
    what is your idea that you sent for this contest?
    and how did you know that they implemented it?