It Rained Ice On Zambales Philippines

Yes, It rained ice on Sta. Cruz Zambales Last Night And On Pangasinan Probably

My big sister living on Zambales just texted me last night saying that the rain on their place is so heavy with loud thunderstorm and lighting. But what makes the text interesting is that she said that some hard stone-like objects are hitting their roof.

And she said that a hard objects in a size of a marble is hitting their metal roof in high speed. And my niece and nephews are getting afraid with what's happening.

Now what is this phenomena? I can't think of what could be these little hard objects falling on my sister's roof back on their place. It can only be stone if there's a volcano erupted nearby them, but there's none. Or is there any crazy kids playing stones? Not possible, because it needs hundreds if not thousands of hands to keep that small stones from falling.

Well, it is really strange knowing that a tropical country which doesn't snow can experience having a hail storm. Not really impossible because some countries even have reported instances where it rained fish on them. Australia, India and America are some examples.

So it's possible that it can rain ice in here. It's not that my sister is lying you know. I haven't talk to here about the full details, but just in case you happen to experience it too, why not make a comment :)

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