How To Know The Version Of Office 2007 | Office 2007 Version

Wondering How To Know The Office 2007 Version Of Your Computer?

How-to tutorial to see the version of microsoft office 2007 on your computer.

It's a lot easier on office 2003, you just click on "Help" and then "About Microsoft Office Word" to see what version of microsft office are you running.

Office 2007 had changed a lot of things, and finding this basic information had came with the changed too. But don't worry, microsoft people can't scrap this information.

So here's how you can find the version of office 2007 you are using. Office 2007 version can be seen by clicking the office button on the upper-left corner of your window.

Then select the "Word Options" ("Excel Options" for excel) button on the bottom part.

Select the "Resources" tab on the left-hand part, then click on the "about" button on the bottom most pane, right across the "About Microsoft Office Word 2007" header.
how to know version office 2007
There you have it, a pop-up window will now appear to show the office version you are currently using.
how to office 2007 version



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