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Where can I spend my honeymoon? Please advice for honeymoon ideal destinations

My friend will about to get married this 10-10-10 or October 10, 2010 and he is asking where he should spend his honeymoon. The only thing hes sure about is they have to go out of the town.

Both of them born and grew on the city, so I was thinking that somewhere nature-themed resort would definitely do the job.

The travel should not be that far, or troublesome.

They don't want to go to boracay, since they both have been there together.

They are thinking about going to palawan islands since they have been hearing that nature there are mostly untouched. One of our kill-joy friends though reminded them about dos-palmas resort where abu sayaff took resort's guest as hostages, but this didn't turned them off.

Baguio  is also out from the options.

Tagaytay is too common they said.

What exactly are they looking for is a resort covered by nature and preferable with some kind of bodies of water, like a beach, river or some kind of crocodile-free lake.

Budget according to my friend is flexible and definitely will never an issue.

My dear visitors, do you know any ideal place where they can spend this very special occassion?
Do you know where they can travel safely, to somewhere memorable and relaxing.
Honeymoon packages with superb amenity rates.

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