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puppies 4 sale
dog 4 sale
We have this website that offers dogs and puppies 4 sale. We had previously sold five puppies on our neighboring towns.

We currently have beagle and minature pinscher breed on our care. Our next batch of baby dogs that will be available 4 sale is with our miniature pinscher who will give birth to his babies scheduled on November 10 this year, 2010.

The miniature pinscher puppies will then be available 4 sale and pickup on December 22, 2010.

You can reserve your puppies by giving a deposit payment of fifty percent, 50%. Customers can choose the payment method on his convenience. Currently you can pay us via paypal, western union or any money transmittal method available on the country.

Free t-shirt will be given for free when you buy any puppies, our dog tshirt came in white and black color.


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