Dengue Status And Count On Philippines

Dengue Outbreak Tolls 465 Victims Dead In The Philippines

dengue status count philippines
June has been declared as the official month of dengue awareness in the Philippines. But until then, dengue cases had escalated throughout the country which has now an estimated 63,000 reported cases, 465 of them died as of January to mid-August.

Drought in the Philippines was said one of the major factors that contributes to the dengue outbreak said Eric Tayag, the head of epidemiology at the health department. Tayad said that residents store water in their houses where most of the containers are left uncovered. Stored and stagnant water is the ideal place that this mosquitoes use to exponentially multiply.

Dengue Fever or dengue hemorragic fever is an acute febrile disease that is currently pestering the country. It is caused by a mosquito-borne virus called the "Dengue Virus".

Some of the major symptoms of the dengue are as follows:

1.) Abdominal pain or persistent vomiting
2.) Red spots or patches on the skin
3.) Signs of bleeding
4.) Black stools
5.) Drowsiness or decreased consciousness
6.) Difficulty in breathing
7.) Pale or cold clammy skin

Also, dengue fever was said to have observed with sudden untoward feelings that usually follows a course with fever, headache, exhaustion, multiple random rashes, and severe muscle pain, frequently usually accompanied by sore throat, dizziness, sudden loss of appetite, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Though the disease is said not to be contiguous, a person can get the dengue virus several times. The dengue virus doesn't have a vaccine yet, though authorities said that the development is on the process, which is expected to be delivered in five years.

Five years is still very long, well, at least they are working on it. 


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