= Beng Beng =, Bengcom, Beng = beng beng misspelled as - beng

Just like how surfers mistakenly use google as googel, microsoft's search engine is also facing the same user mistake. Just like googel on google, has its own variants as Bing had became beng.

This mistake is common on most arabic countries where the vowel "e" is interchangeably used as "i" and vice versa.

So what so you expect for a blogger like me but to target and hijack this keyword. Though the global monthly search for is just a poor 265 searches, I still decided to throw some paragraph for this.

The purpose of this post is to educate surfers who came to this page instead of microsoft

Hey, if that's you, it's and not okay?

However, if you happened to be a guerrilla blogger like me, are you sure you want to compete with me with that 260 monthly visitors? Go and get some keywords worth of your time.

Why not try the keyword beng beng? I don't know but it has eleven million monthly searches globally. Beng beng is a good keyword compared to isn't it?


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