Adoption Agencies In Philippines

Adoption Agencies In The Philippines

adoption philippines
Adopting a child or a baby in the Philippines just like other countries needs various documents. Interested parties just want everything done with minimum trouble so they are usually linked to an adoption agencies, usually the international agencies who are tied up to various countries.

This international adoption agencies are familiar to different countries' laws in adopting a child.

You may have been on this post because you are simply researching on how this thing works on the Philippines or you are interested to adopt a baby.

There are actually lots of international agencies out there that can help you to do what you need, but I can't list them all here. First, what I can list out here may not be accurate after a year, and I can't update this post regularly to give you the most credible and reliable agency in this business.

Click on the link below to query all high ranking agencies for three search engines.
1.) Google list
2.) Yahoo list
3.) Bing list

Now there you have it, good luck to your future son / daughter.
May God bless your family !



  1. i need to know how to put the baby i am carrying for an adoption and i need a home to stay during the pregnancy

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