Why Would I Delete You On Facebook

Reasons Why Would I Delete You On Facebook

Facebook(ing) is a great way to get in touch with your friends especially your old friends and classmates. Facebook is a great platform to get updated and one of the most easiest medium to say hi's to your old buddy whom you had been so closed before.

Making them friends means that you can see what are happening to them on your homepage. Though I want to know and be updated on what's happening to you by making you as my friends, here are some of the reasons why I would stop monitoring your updates and keeping you as a friend.

1.) Updating Your Profile Too Much
Sure that's the idea of facebook, you update your facebook account and everyone of your friends can see what's happening on you. But if you post too frequently, then I can find you spamming my account's homepage, and the chance is, your other friends feels it too.

Facebook homepage only shows 20 or so friends' update, so if you always have three of yours on my homepage then you are spamming me. With that, I will delete you as my friend.

2.) Trying To Be Super Cool
You posted your vacation pictures, posted your self pictures with your brand new car, your sweet photo with your new beautiful girlfriend, your new high end laptop, your new smart phone, pc tablet, etc. The thing is most people hate bragging, and I (we) find that too much.

Come to think of it, you know people can get intimidated with those kind of updates. Networking sites' main idea is connect people, how do you think can we connect on that, much more to make a comment. We don't want it, and we don't need it, friend deleted.

3.) You Are Not A Friend In The First Place
Okay, for some reason I don't know why, you added me as a friend, out of respect I confirmed your request. But the thing is I don't have any intention monitoring your updates. I just confirmed your friend request because you might be waiting for that email notice saying that I have approved your request.

Well, after a day or two, I will delete you. Facebook doesn't wouldn't send you a notice email saying that a friend had decided to delete you.

I short, if you think that a person isn't that close to you, don't bother adding them, or they might delete you too, just like I'm doing.

These are just some, have you think of anymore?


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