Traffic Analytics Embedded On Blogspot Blog

A Better Traffic Analytics Now Embedded On Blogs

Web traffic anlaytics is now available on your blog at

This feature was only available if you log on your blog at, but it seems that the draft implementation has been successful that they finally migrate it to the's main page.

Now you can see you web traffic statistics without leaving No need to switch to to view your web traffic analytics generated by google. Pretty neat and practical.

This is though a little surprising because this would mean that the users of their own google analytics will decrease. Maybe the google people is just thinking that the user is only a few in compare to those who are using google analytics that is not a users too.

The "Stats" web traffic analytics is located on the last tab on your blogspost blog's dashboard.
Images below show the snapshot of the before and after implementation of the 'Stat' tab.

BEFORE: new stats tab

AFTER web traffic stats
As you can see, the 'Stats' tab is now available on the rightmost side. Clicking this tab, you can see detailed web traffic details of your blogspot blog. Below is the dashboard of the new analytics page. web traffic analytics
I personally found, the"Now", "Day", "Week", "Month" and "All time" tab very useful, anyways, there are lot more on this nice service.

If you're like me who use on your blog, use this too, it's not that you can remove the tab anyway, heheheeee.

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