Press Any Key To Continue

When You Need To (really) Press 'Any' Key

I think that I really need to blog this.

Taking a break from my regular keyword hijacking pattern. There are lots of funny computer related pictures that I saw on the net, but this one really hit me laughing (from inside that is).

Have you seen the 'Press Any Key To Continue' message? I usually see this when I'm formatting a computer. And maintaining a 80 plus computer on our company made this message a common phrase that I see a lot.

I haven't made a thought of this until I saw this funny picture, which made me feel like I'm oblige to make a post for this.

First here is a sample message of 'Press any key to continue' when I am formatting a computer.

press any key to continue

I'm actually pressing any key when I'm alone for this, and I am pressing the 'Enter' key when I am with a customer's house when I'm fixing his computer because that would make things a little professional (i think).

Only tonight I discovered the proper way to follow this message prompt.

press any key

Now, who would think of that right?
Really funny.

Photo: I just received this on email so I don't know where to credit this, please comment if you know.


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