Miss Philippines' Major Major Mistake On Miss Universe Pageant

Did Miss Universe Pageant Created A Major Major Regretful Candidate?

venus raj miss philippines universe major major
Philippines' representative to the Miss Universe pageant, Miss Venus Raj had been rained with not-so-pretty opinions over her answer on the question and answer portion.

"She could have won the pageant!" - that's the reaction of most people who had seen the pageant if she could have admit that she too had made a mistake on any level and avoided being too perfect.

Does somebody without committing mistake lives on earth? The very question most people made their eyebrows raised.

Well, let's admit it, it's an easy question in a tense full situation, that's what happend, period.

So now, we have the word of the year here on our country "Major Major" which is used on every situation possible. It's not our intention to mock Venus for not having the suppose-to-be crown, it's just that it's funny using it.

Major-major, lol !

Meanwhile, here's abc news clip, a proof that Miss Philippines should have title if not that not-so-major answer.


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