How To Withdraw Adsense Via Western Union Philippines

How Did I Withdraw My Adsense Earnings On Western Union - Philippines

western union adsense payment philippines

Successful withdrawal of adsense earning from western union

After you reached the minimum payout of adsense, which is 100 US dollars, publishers like us have three options on how we can get our payment from google.

First option is the "Standard Delivery" system, where google will send our checks on a snail mail which can reach us within three to four weeks from the date of mailing. 3-4 weeks according to google's estimation, but it could take longer in reality. But the time length on when you can receive your payment is not the real issue for this option. The major concern here is the assurance that your check will reach your hand or not. Especially on our country here in the Philippines where opening of mails in post office is very much expected, we call them crocodiles people. So that's for this option, but I never recommend this, nor anyone as far as I know.

Second option is "Secured Express Delivery" system where check will be received in a week, according to google. As the name implies, "secured" and "express", this option is more secure and a lot faster. The only problem is it would cost you twenty dollars, but twenty dollars for a newbie like me (as of now, that is, smile) will hurt much, so I didn't choose this option. But if you're some kind of pro who didn't mind of spending twenty dollars, this is the option for you.

This is my latest earnings from adsense via western union. Can you notice how close those bills are filed up?

Third option is the "Western Union Quick Cash" system, which carry both the "fast" and "secure" definition on it. It is fast because you can get your payment the next day the payment was issued on your adsense account. Secure because it's system is under western union, a known international company that use as a money transfer all over the world. And did I mentioned that it is free?

In short, I chose western union quick cash option.
And this is what happened.

I went to a western union center here on our city and told to the teller that I will receive money. So she hand me over a western union form to fill it up, so I did. But there's a field there that ask about your relationship with the sender, this got me confused. I explained it to the teller and she just told me to put "Employer" instead, but of course! So i put on "Employer" on the "relationship to the sender" field and wrote "Google Inc." as the first name, I left the last name blank.

I completed the form and hand it back to the teller, which told me to sit and wait for a while for processing. Nervously waiting, I told my wife-to-be to take a picture of me if I receive the money later.

I'm a littler nervous, not because I'm doubtful if my transaction will be denied, but because this is my first time having my online income came into reality.

After not less than five minutes or so, the teller gave the money. I previously asked her to have the one hundred dollars bill unchanged to my local currency and the remaining would be on five hundreds, since I am withdrawing 145.37 US dollars.

So I posed with my hundred dollars and some few five hundred pesos bills and the western union receive money form. The two teller jokingly ask me to get in the picture too, so I told them to smile on my background. We took two shots and what you can see in this post is the best shot.

Enable your western union option by going to My Account > Account Settings and select "Setup Western Union Quick Cash" option. Snapshot below:

adsense western union setup


  1. Thanks.. I hope that I can earn from adsense as soon as possible. Buti nalang may option pala na western union.

  2. yup!
    actually I just got my adsense earnings last November 27, 2010 again from western union.

    my advice is to withdraw your earnings sa mismong western union outlet and not dun sa mga pawnshop lang sa tabi-tabi na affiliated lang sa western union. mas malaki kasi ang dollar rate sa kanila.

    and mas comfortable and mas madali pa ang transactions.
    good luck to all of Pinoy bloggers!

  3. wow daming pera...and nice blog kaya hindi nasusugpo ang graft and corruption dito sa pilipinas because of the crocodiles even ung sulat ko from manila inaabot ng 5 months dito sa probinsya namin bago ko natanggap

  4. I just uploaded my latest adsense earnings via western union :)

  5. uploaded picturee I mean. see the updated article above.

  6. Hi Sir, Ask q lng kung kailangan pa ba ilagay ulit yung PIN every time na ma reach q yung payment payment threshold? Nawala q na kc yung PIN. lol

  7. ano pong pin ang tinutukoy mo? yun po bang pinadala ng google via mail? kasi kung iyon po ay once lang po ini-enter yun.

  8. ah! ty po sa info. na reach q na kc yung payment threshold q ngayong june. mga kelan q kya pede ma kuha yun?

  9. kelan mo po na-reach, anong exact day? kasi dapat eh maka-100 ka before they compute your earnings which is usually done on the first week of the month. but kung ngayong June mo pa lang mabubuo ang threshold eh mako-compute yan sa first week ng July and mawiwidthraw mo yan sa katapusan ng July.
    Good luck, nakakasabik talaga kapag first time ng adsense. heheheee... congrats sayo Regie =)

  10. mga 2nd week q na ata na reach yung threshold. hayz matagal pa pala. hehe! uu nakakasabik tlaga kpag first time. matagal na kc to adsense acct. q. ngayon q lng naisipan mag niche marketing pero sa clickbank nka pag encash na aq ng check! hehehe!

  11. heheheee... ako nga halos masuka sa kaba noong first time ko eh.. it's my smallest adsense income pero yun ang pinaka-memorable =)

    target mo should be 3.33 per day para monthly ka na rin. sipag at tiyaga lang talaga.

    congrats gie!

  12. hehe! korek ka dyan! kahit papano mataas taas na rin ang kinikita q sa ads kya sure na monthly nasa western union aq. hehehe!

  13. Western Union is no longer secure. Search for "adsense western union fraud" in google or check the blog posts below and you will see.

    Short story: Someone is cashing out their AdSense Western Union Payments. How did they get the MTCN of the payment? Probably inside job. So beware if you are using Western Union.