How To Search A Website Without A Search Box

How To Search A Site If It Doesn't Have A Search Box

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How-to tutorial on searching on website, simple trick.

A nicely done website is that it has a search box on it where you can type in a word or phrase and return you all the pages that might contain information that you need on hierarchy.

But there are still site (blogsite or website) out there that their creators didn't bother to put a search box for its visitors.

Good news, major search engines had already solved this problem for you. You can now use your favorite search engines to search for your specific string query right on the search engine's homepage.

All you have to do is to type in " string to search" and press enter. What would the search engine will do is just to search on that specific words based on that website alone.

The major search engines that supports this functionality is google, bing, yahoo, and ask.

Here is a sample result page from by searching the keyword 'blogging' on this blog,
google search

With this trick, we know can make a search on all sites that don't have a search box on them.


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