How To Make Money Online Philippines

make money online philippines
So how to make money online? There are gurus out there that are earnings six figures monthly from their blog/s. Meaning that they have more authority over me, so who am I talking about making money online?

First, I wouldn't bother introducing my name. But because I just received my first online earnings via google adsense, I think that I have the authority creating post like this, and yeah, making it as a sticky post.

I first discovered that you can make money online by doing online surveys. But before you can start on that, the survey-taking sites ask you to make a one time payment, but paying online for something you are not assure of always makes me hesitant.

But with that, I stumbled with the google adsense program, and then everythig is history.

So let's start talking about the title.

My real goal for making this post is to tell to newbies, that you can really make money online. Simply because I am the proof! Who are you? you ask me, well I'm just a regular guy from the country of Philippines who does a 8-5 job as a web apps programmer. I'm not good at english, just enough to type some basic, not-so-special sentence to create a blog.

So if you think that your some kind of regular guy, who doesn't seem possible making money online, hey, look at me, a regular guy who doesn't have superb skills, yet have earned through this blog.

I earned online through affiliate programs, currently I am using google adsense and infolinks.

Proofs? I will post my scanned western union payment on my next article, so watch out as I post my next article entitled "My First Adsense Earnings".

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