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Google's Version Of iPad Runs Google Chrome OS

google ipad tablet pc ipad killer

It's official, google will launch its own tablet pc, the iPad's killer

Yes, you heard it right, google who is known to have a focus on online information and sells advertising is know officially entering the hardware market.

Of course, if you have the software, then why not have your own brand of hardware that run with it. Though the tablet itself will be made by HTC, who creates mobile devices, but the device will be 100% google's. Also, this iPad killer will be networked by verison.

iPad doesn't support flash, which means that it cannot run on it, (can you imagine that?). I found a Top 10 Reasons Why You’ll Hate The iPad post. But I actually only need three, first it doesn't support flash, no usb port and no built-in camera.

With consumers' disappointmentssss over the apple iPad, people then always seek for a tablet product that could amend these lost necessities. Now here's enter the google brand. Whatever google does, it makes noise, and its official announcement for its own tablet pc shook the tech industry, and yes it surely reached Steve's table too.

Now here's the iPad killer, google's own tablet pc.

So What's In The Box?

The details isn't really clear yet as of today but speculations said that this tablet pc device could be based on NVidia's Tegra 2 platform, will have a 1280x720 multitouch display, 2GB of RAM, a minimum 32GB SSD, WiFi / Bluetooth / LTE connectivity, GPS, webcam, and possibly expandable storage via a multi-card reader.

Above is the only official image of this google's tablet computer and no reliable videos yet on youtube.

Google Tablet PC Price

As of now, no onw knows the price yet, but experts said that the starting price should be lower than apple's cheapest which is 499 USD.

Talking About My Country - Philippines

I'm sure that my fellow Filipinos are also excited with this new device dubbed as 'iPad Killer'. First is, we really hope that it can live its nickname when the real device becomes available and reach our country.

My fellow Filipinos are concerns about:
1.) Google iPad tablet pc price in the Philippines / How much is google ipad tablet pc
2.) Where to buy google ipad in the Philippines
3.) Is google iPad tablet pc is now available in the Philippines | When will it be available?

These are the active search terms that buffering the net as this new google iPad killer's noise reached our country.

iPad actually is not yet that widely spread over the country since iPad is only available to buy over the counter on major cities, and when I say major I mean really big cities. On cities like where I live, it's either you go to the main cities or you order and wait for your iPad to be ship.

Meaning that if this new google's tablet pc is really an iPad killer, then it will immediately (and I mean immediately) kill apple's iPad here on Philippines' soil.

Google, please don't dissapoint us, hope you wont launch a just-another-wordpress-blog kind of tablet pc, be sure to kill iPad.


  1. Just wondering...why do you hate the Apple ipad? It's a fact that no one could beat Apple, even Google, in the technology being used in the ipad. So, your prediction of this coming "ipad killer" will surely be a fantasy only!

  2. first, no one really knows the when the real "iPad killer" will come front. it's just a term we use because iPad is so popular and established that all tablet brand that is joining the game is compared to the one who started the tablet craze.

    if google brought out their tablet pc first, then iPad can be coined as the "google-tablet killer".

    but honestly, iPad really lacks many things, and what made it worst is that those things are on basic needs of a common user.