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Googlecom Website And Search

I am just wondering why I am receiving traffic based on googlecom keyword. Sure I have targeted googel keyword, but i found it odd why searchers use googlecom.

The internet is really full of surprises, there are really lot of potential keyword that could bring you traffic. Though using googlecom as a targetted keyword wouldn't going to give you impressive numbers of traffic, but big things came from small bits right?

Meaning that if I could solely target these kind of mini traffic keywords, when combined they can significantly give me traffic right? right!

But as of my principle, I will never create a trash post. This post is created to teach surfers on how to do this on the proper way on two simple steps.

If you came here using the googlecom keyword, then I presume that what you actually want to do is to go to to make a search right? Maybe you heard that google is the most reliable search engine on the net, well, you heard it right, because is really an unbeatable search engine on the net as of today.

So here's how to do your googlecom properly.

Step 1.) Put your cursor on the browser's address bar. Browser is what you are using when you are surfing the internet. It could be either internet explorer, firefox, opera or chrome.


Here's what you should have if you have highlighted the address bar on your web browser:

Step 2.)With the address bar highlighted, type in on your keyboard then press the 'Enter'

So, that's it! now you  know how to use properly.
It's not googlecom but and it is type on the address bar, not on the search bar.

thank you !


  1. Hello,

    Would this work for and Both domains are worth a nice amount. Many websites and domains end with and What's your thoughts on using these domains to capture resume traffic. Great article!

  2. Yup, you should experiment all possible keywords.
    you just need to throw some paragraph anyway.
    just do not forget to provide a valid guide at the end like this one.
    thanks for being here.