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Google never left us without surprises, now they just have launched Google Voice. Google voice lets you call phone free of charge, for United States and Canada that is. But making international call is insanely cheaper, insanely - the word came straight from them.

Here are some facts about Google Voice:

1.) It gives you one specific number which is called google voice number, so if you change phone number, your friends will still cal you with your static google voice number, all you have to do is to update your information to google.

2.) Now your google voice is tied to you. Not like today where your regular phone is tied on wire within your geographical location, your home or your office for example. It is not tied to your mobile phone, where a network sim card must be on your the mobile phone that you are holding to accept calls. It is not even tied to your computer where VOIP line needs a specific ip address to accept a friend's call.

3.) It is free for United States and Canada. Now that is a nice thing, since the two countries are heavy tech users. But of course, my fellow non Americans are also hoping that the Google Voice's free service will reach on our country too. US - Canada always enjoy free services like free product shippings, we just hope that we can be considerably included on this one.

Get to the official Google Voice site for more information

Meanwhile here's a short youtube video about Google Voice:


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