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Firefox Plugin For Adsense Earnings Notification

Get notified with your adsense earnings automatically via a firefox plugin

If you're just like me, you always want to know your adsense earnings from time to time. I know that it is pointless, because I know that by viewing my adsense earnings from time to time wouldn't increase it, nor would google steal my earnings after an hour.

Logging to my adsense account to view my adsense report is really a big downtime to anyone's productivity.

Yes, it's pointless and it's a downtime being paranoid with it, but what can I do, I can't help it.

It's a bird, it's a plane, no it's a "firefox plugin"!

Introducing " Adsense Monitor", a firefox plugin will show your adsense earnings on live feed. The shortest update time is five minutes which is pretty logical, but I set mine for twenty minutes.

The update can be custom to five minutes and up but you can left click (default) the notification on your taskbar to initiate the update, just in case you want to update your earnings on that time.

Here are some of the firefox plugin that you will get by using firefox plugin.

* Common reporting time periods (today, yesterday, last 7 days etc.)
* custom update frequency
* AdSense stats for Content, Feeds, Search, Mobile, & Domains
* Scrolling notifier or single line view of data
* Customizable actions for left and right mouse clicks
* Secure local password management and login

As of today, you can't see you adsense earnings if you didn't log in to your google account. According to, they are currently working on the log-in functionality, but logging to my google account isn't a big deal to me.

By the way, Adsense Monitor is the only firefox plugin / addons that is working as of today, based on firefox's official plugin page. This plugin is currently on version 1.4 and was updated last July, 2010. The "Adsense Notifier" by mincus isn't working on firefox 3.6.* version, no surprise because it was updated more than two years ago, April 2008. The same competitor "Adsense Preview" by yellowpipe web was also outdated which is updated on June, 2008.

I want to show the plugin in live action but I would need to blur all details except the earnings of the day, so that would mean that everything will be blurred expect for one figure, so it would be somewhat useless. Just try the plugin and see it yourself.

Get here to download's Adsense Monitor firefox plugin.

When opening your firefox browser, the adsense earning might not show up. Just in case this happened, use the start, stop and reload data options of the plugin on the browser's tools menu, screen shot below.


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