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China Price: $105
Philippines price: $130
USA : $150
Online (chinagrabber.com): $147

Apple's iPad had created technological boom as it figured to 33,000 unit sales per day, according to informationweek.com. iPad indeed is a certified blockbuster on tablet computer sales.

That's iPad, sure you have heard about it. But here comes iPed (or aPad) from Shenzhen, province of China, yes that's the same place where iPad's and iPod Touch's biggest manufacturing plant is based, the Foxconn. iPed looks very much like the original iPad. Sure they have named their own brand, technically speaking. But it's so obvious that this tablet pc is trying to hijack iPad's market.

I've seen the actual item performance (watch the video below), and it's far from impressive. And knowing that it came China makes me more doubtful.

But what's making this copycat item noisy is not its feature, not its specification, but its price. Simply because you can buy yours at $105 if you're on China, but you can buy online at chinagrabber.com for on $147.

Anyway, here what you can get for this iPed tablet pc.

- Operating System: Google Android OS v1.6
- RAM: 128MB DDR2 800Mhz
- CPU: VIA MW8505 600MHz
- Display: 8" 4:3 widescreen 800x480 high-brightness TFT LCD
- Touch Control: Full size touch operation, Sliding menu, Functional icon dragging
- Storage: 2GB
- Orientation Sensor: automatic steering display screen
- LAN:802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi CERTIFIED network
- Sound Effect: Stereo speakers device, Built-in microphone
- Supports High-speed SD card (maximum: 32GB)

- SD x 1 (supports up to 32G SDHC)
- 30 pin interface
- Stereo Audio out x 1
- Microphone in x 1
- 2 x USB2.0 Interface
- ATF card interface

Desktop: Android, automatically , E-book and Office word processing, document to Go(Word, Excel, PPT, PDF), Support E-book function. Web browsing: Google chrome-lite Browser UCWEB Browser. Communication Sofware: Fring, Skyepout can call local call/long-distance call/overseas call and mobile call. Game: G-sensor game, Classic game, Touch game. Automatic screen rotation: Four-Direction Rotate screen. Note Paper: desktop tools, support 1x1~4x4 custom size. Clock: desktop tools, Analog Clock, Support change skin.

Multimedia Codes:
- MP3/Audio Format
- AVI (Motion JPEG) / Video Format
- Word, Excel, Mail & PDF READER
- Online Video

- Wall charger
- Cable and usb adpter
- Dimensions: 190.5x118.5x14.7mm
- Weight:332g

Running with outdated Android oeprating system, version 1.6 (now 3.X). Unstable motion feel, unsmooth touch screen capability, warranty issues and many more. Reviews with iPed isn't really convincing buying one. But who cares, as most people said, with its price of 150 dollars, compare to 499 starting price of iPad. That's a lot less than half the price.

Price, the very reason why this degraded iPad carbon copy makes it hot.

Do you own one? Please share it with us.

Meanwhile here's the video for iPed tablet pc:

Now, would Steve Jebs gonna pissed off with this?


  1. Steve Jebs, was it a typo or a humor?
    anyways, it's funny - lol.

  2. Meron po ba sa Bicol? anyone?

  3. where available sa Phils, Mla?

  4. Yeah, available po xa d2 sa Philippines, i saw it on sulit. but the price is 14,700 ... No Way! i said. maybe that ad was made when the iped wasn't that popular yet.
    i have known it to be four to six thousand only.

  5. where exactly in the Philippines sells iPed?

  6. ill be buying this when i'll be in HK next month

  7. Are you buying it on HK?
    please come back here and tell us the price, and give a little review on the performance please.

  8. Aug. 6,2010 itll be out. tx 09154220124 look for hanaboo!!

  9. This is admin nhoel.

    to the one who gave his contact number above, can you please tell us more details, how and where to buy.

    disclaimer: this blog doesn't warrant any buy&sell business posted by visitors, entertain them on your own risk, be smart.

    though there's a doubt, any information that could help buyers to get an iped, please post your credentials here, along with this details in this format:
    Name of seller:
    Item for sale:
    Item Price:
    Item location:
    Shipping Info:
    Other Infos:

    any information po?
    i heard na it's only about 5K.

  11. please tell us where to buy?
    exact location po or shipping information.

    Tony of Quezon City

  12. can you use globe tatoo or Smart bro with Iped just in case there is no Wifi around? Hope someone knows the answer. coz in Ipad's case, they use a micro sim from Globe in case there's no wifi available.

  13. well, that's a question!
    but since no authorized person who have a first hand experience have answered your query yet, let me give my not-so-expert opinion.

    so my answer is NO.
    it's a pirate copy of the iPAD, and it doesn't looks like they had intended to function it that way, it wouldn't reach that far.

    iPED is not really a perfect iPAD clone and 3G capability is a major function, which i personally doubt the creators of this copy-cat version had managed to handle.

    hey, i'll be posting an official release of a touch screen, tablet pc that would cost less than 50 US dollars. stay tune.

  14. ang dami nito sa greenhills!!!
    3000 pesos nga lang ito, may tawad pa...

  15. hey guys!wants iped theres only very cheap price which you could buy here in caloocan in ever gotest grand central only 2,000 pesos.i will be buying it soon.please contact me those interested 0929 289 1274